Date: Friday 3rd February, 2012

Following the first part of our AC/DC In-Depth Review released yesterday, Stern today let loose pictures of the two Limited Edition machine's backglasses.

The first - Let There Be Rock - features Angus Young in his trademark schoolboy outfit complete with Devil horns, set against a background from one of their live performances. The Angus image used here is the same one used on the Live at River Plate box set CD2 cover.

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock edition
AC/DC - Let There Be Rock edition

The Back In Black model get's a different backglass, again putting Angus front and centre but this time saluting those about to rock and taken at a different gig.

AC/DC - Back In Black edition
AC/DC - Back In Black edition

For both these backglasses, click on the image to view a high resolution version.

We've called them 'backglasses' here because these Limited Edition models do use real backglasses and not translites as seen on the Pro edition. They will also both feature a mirror layer as part of the printing process.

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