Date: Wednesday 8th February, 2012

In our last update we brought you the backglasses to be used in the two Limited Edition AC/DC games.

Toady Stern Pinball released the artwork for their Premium Edition and we have it here for you.

The Premium Edition backglass
The Premium Edition backglass
(Click for larger version)

The two Limited Edition backglasses received some negative critical comments, but this one is sure to please AC/DE fans.

Once again Angus Young is the main focus, with other band members relegated to much smaller images.  The twelve songs included in the game are listed behind the AC/ DC logo in front of the backlight.

Some Limited Edition buyers have already opined how they prefer this Premium backglass, although the restricted nature of the LE backglasses may eventually make them the more valuable.

What do you think of the different backglass versions?  Let us know at the end of our exclusive AC/DC In-Depth Review.

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