Many thanks to Dave Nelson for the pictures.

So here it is. Stern's latest game is Austin Powers.

Based on the comic 60's British spy created by Mike Myers, the game is more heavily influenced by the second movie than the first, featuring all the film's characters on the backglass and the playfield

The game cabinet is bright and distinctive keeping the design clean and simple. The Union Jack (or more properly the Union Flag) is exceedingly eyecatching when wrapped around the body of the game.

The playfield is not yet complete - this is a prototype/sample - and the rotating metal timewarp disc at the top will have a spiral sticker on it when final production starts.

The game includes the character "Fat Bastard" and his requisite toilet, a pop-up Dr Evil and a mini-me spinner. The plastic ramp continues round the back of the playfiled disappearing for a while as it passes behind the Timewarp disc.

The playfield has a good range of shots, most of which are at the top of the playfield in a design reminiscent of a Steve Ritchie game.

As yet the rules are unclear but as soon as we get more details we'll bring them right to you.

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