Date: 14th July, 2012

Following our initial report about their plans to manufacture 30 of their Captain Nemo Dives Again games, the team at Quetzal Pinball have been working hard to develop the machine before it starts production.

The playfield artwork has been completed and the LCD monitor now looks like a more integral part of that artwork.

They have released two new images of the playfield, showing the progress so far.

The view from the front
The view from the front

An overhead view
An overhead view

The company's website also features two videos of the game. The first shows a ball being flipped with the mechanisms working, but with no lighting effects, although several of the LCD animations are shown.

The second video demonstrates the lighting effects on the playfield during attract mode. Both videos feature heavy metal music by Hitten which is expected to form the game's soundtrack.

Quetzal Pinball list the game's features as including:

  • 9.7" LCD screen integrated into the playfield
  • Mini-games which combine the pinball experience with video games
  • Up to 5 ball multiball
  • Steel ramps and looping wireforms
  • Wi-Fi connection to upload scores online and download new rules
  • Source code available to modify or to create your own rules
  • LED lighting
  • 2 x speakers and 1 x 6.5" subwoofer
  • Heavy metal instrumental soundtrack by Hitten
  • Headphone jack on the front of the cabinet
  • 5-bank NEMO drop targets
  • Captive ball
  • Lower hall clear (Gulf Stream)
  • New Quetzal Pinball Controller (QPC) controller board
  • Embedded PC operating system

Captain Nemo Dives Again is scheduled to appear at the Pinball Party in Valencia later this month, and at the European Pinball Championship which will take place in Madrid in September, ahead of production starting on October.

We'll have more details on the game then, and of course we'll bring you any further updates as soon as we get them.


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