Welcome to the start our coverage of Stern's newest game; CSI

Today we bring you two pictures of the game courtesy of Ole at Parts4Pinballs in Norway.

The first is a mock up of the cabinet showing the artwork.

The CSI cabinet artwork
The CSI cabinet artwork

This is most likely not a genuine cabinet so don't read too much into small details such as the lack of a tournament button on the front. Similarly, the obfuscated playfield is probably just a blurred NASCAR or similar existing design.

The second picture is an detail from the back left corner of the playfield featuring a ball lock mechanism built into a rising skull device.

CSI playfield detail
CSI playfield detail

The picture was taken during the development process and features instructions or suggestions written on the clear plastics, so any part of this design may change before the machine reaches final production.

We'll have more on Stern's new CSI game very soon here at Pinball News.

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