Pictures of the new Elvis game are coming thick and fast.

These pictures come from The Korn and Yancy of the Chicago Pinball Mafia and are the first detailed images of the game from its test location in the Chicago suburbs. The playfield overview can be seen in our previous report so let's get down to the details.

First of all, where's the man himself?

What do you mean, who's that? Well, alright it doesn't look much like The King but as Sly says in Demolition Man; "close enough". You could be forgiven for thinking it's just a static model like Austin Powers but you'd be wrong as this closer examination shows.

Yes, there's some real "mechanical action" going on there to move Elvis as he sings. Neat, eh?

And there's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on elsewhere on the playfield with this dog on a stick.

He may be nothin' but a hound dog but he sure looks like a leaper, or perhaps he's just got a frog in his throat?

You would do well to brush up on your Elvis to get the best out of the game. You may not know what the Scarf reference is or what TKB and the lightning bolt means so get Googling.

Get it right and you may win a gift from Elvis.

There are five to collect; Flip Flip Dance Dance (the game's video mode), Gold Records, The King of Rock and Roll, Light Extra Ball and ENCORE letter. How nice to see "Light" spelled correctly instead of "Lite".

And that's "Gifts of Elvis" and not "Gift of the Elves". In case there was any doubt.

The Heartbreak Hotel features a Simpsons Pinball Party-like door to let the ball through and it is mounted on a clear Lexan upper playfield complete with the upper left flipper. The bumpers are on the ground floor and are the Jailhouse Rock shot.

Above them are the three WLVS rollover lanes for the all-Elvis radio station.

The return of the special continues but somehow plain lamps don't seem quite right. I mean, we spent the last 20 years establishing that specials are red and extra balls are orange. Let's not throw all that away. And speaking of orange and red....

That plank of wood under the back legs is a genuine Stern part.and can be ordered through your local distributor.

Doesn't that Elvis logo just lend itself to a dot matrix display. I wonder how the DMD would look with a red gel over it, Dracula-style so it matched the logo?

Did someone say DMD?

With links like those, a job at WLVS is assured. Anyway, here's how all those features fit together.

So that concludes our look at the playfield features. Many thanks again to Korn and Yancy for the pictures.


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