Here are the initial pictures of Pat Lawlor's latest creation for Stern courtesy of Ole at Parts 4 Pinballs in Norway.

Based on the Fox cartoon series featuring the Griffins, it features all the family members - Peter and Lois, their son Chris, daughter Meg and twisted baby Stewie, along with Brian the dog.

Each character has their own area of the playfield and they are all represented by toy models in the game.

Some classic Pat Lawlor features can be found such as the two inlanes on the left side and the cross-playfield shot from the side flipper.

Dominant on the playfield is Stewie's mini-pinball game in the upper right corner where to achieve world domination he has to destroy each member of the family.

With mini-flippers, mini-slings and even a mini-ball, it's a true mini-playfield.


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