Date: 15th August, 2014

The most recent update from Jersey Jack Pinball brings us a look at the first playfield models for The Hobbit to be revealed so far. These come from Matt Riesterer of Back Alley Creations.

The first of these is a Warg, which a canine breed who attack the Dwarves on their journey through the Misty Mountains, and are ridden by Orcs during their numerous raids.

The Warg model

The head is cut off sharply and flattened along the base of the jaw because this Warg model is the face of one of the four pop-ups in the game, much like the trolls in Medieval Madness. Consequently, it needs to be sturdy enough to withstand repeated hits by a solid steel ball, both from the front and the sides.

It's not clear whether all four pop-ups will feature Wargs or whether other creatures will make an appearance.

The second and third models don't have to contend with the same kinds of danger, as they are mounted above the playfield. These two barrels recall the Dwarves' escape from Mirkwood in empty wine casks, and they sit atop the pop bumpers.

One of the bumper toppers
One of the pop bumper toppers

The second bumper topper
The second bumper topper

The three models are shown below in their respective positions on the playfield.

The three models on the plafield drawing
The three models on the playfield drawing

Jersey Jack Pinball also announced they are still on course to start production of The Hobbit towards the end of the year, just as the third movie in the trilogy is released into movie theatres.

That's all for this update but we'll continue to bring you all the latest The Hobbit news from Jersey Jack Pinball right here at Pinball News.

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