The game was on display at the Enada show in Rimini Italy and thanks to Federico Croci of the excellent Tilt! pinball website, we are able to bring you the very first pictures of the game.

Federico plays the game under the watchful eyes of Gary Stern

Close up of the playfield detail
(The game is obviously missing some of the artwork on the plastics, the spinner and the bottom arch)

The right ramp features the crystal skull from the title of the movie (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) which appear to have a vertical up-kicker to drop the ball at the entrance of the right loop.

The big toy is the ark (Raiders Of The Lost Ark) but there is also a Temple Of Doom captive ball which rises up to reveal a saucer shot beneath it.

The five white standup targets spell out J-O-N-E-S so it's a fair bet there are other standups or drop targets on the left side to spell out I-N-D-I-A-N-A.

The game seems to require the player to start four scene modes from each of the four movies before reaching the wizard mode called the Final Adventure.

The backglass image

We'll be back with much more on Indiana Jones soon so keep watching Pinball News for more details.


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