Report by Alessio Crisantemi, pictures by Andrea Boccalini for LTM Network

In the final of our reports from the first showing of Indiana Jones at the Enada show in Italy, Alessio Crisantemi talks to Gary Stern about the game.

Indiana Jones is the next pinball from Stern Pinball Inc., ready to come onto the market with the release of the new movie by Lucas "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", which will preview worldwide on 22nd May.

In the meantime we received a taste of the brand new pinball during the twentieth edition of the Spring Enada in Rimini, where the latest creation from Stern Pinball was on display at the Tecnoplay stand, the company that distributes the Stern brand in Italy.

Gary Stern with Indiana Jones
Gary Stern with his new Indiana Jones

Gary Stern, the owner of the Stern Pinball talked about the Indiana Jones pinball:
"It is a tribute to the saga of Indiana Jones and it holds in one game all four successful movies dedicated to the George Lucas' character. In f
act on the playfield there is an area dedicated to each of the four episodes: so one part is reserved for 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', one part for 'Temple of Doom', another one to 'Last Crusade' and finally one part dedicated to the last title: "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".

Detail from Indiana Jones
The four movies are all represented in the game

"On the playfield" - Gary adds - "there are a lot of typical elements that recall famous scenes from the Indiana Jones movies, such as the Holy Grail that characterized 'The Last Crusade', or a part of the 'Temple of Doom', and also the 'Lost Ark'. The multiball that is linked to this last episode is a very intense moment of the game."

Ball in front of the ark
The ball trapped by a magnet in front of the Ark

In the pinball there is also a representation of an unforgettable scene from Indiana Jones: the one where Indy faces an able warrior with a sabre, that he then kills with a shot from his gun.

Scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Shooting the swordsman from Raiders Of The Lost Ark  © Lucasfilm

The player must do the same thing: he must shoot at just the right moment.

"Another characteristic of the new pinball" - Gary continues - "is the bonus linked to the 'Temple of Doom' that can be activated by a mechanism in the central part of the playfield - is an area of the surface that is alternately rising and lowering, discovering a crack where the ball must enter, finding the right moment for it".

Temple Of Doom shot
The moving Temple Of Doom shot

The beautiful backbox of the machine where all the four Indiana Jones movies are depicted and a very careful soundtrack of the game that, just as in the movie, derives from the recording by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, completed the new, wonderful creation by Stern Pinball.

In a few words: "A very special game!": The words of Gary stern.

Indiana Jones Rules:

- Plunge the pinball to collect the lit "Skill Shot" feature.

- Shoot the "Ark" to start "Raiders Multiball". In Radiders Multiball, collect Jackpots and return to the Ark to complete movie scenes.

- Collect "Sankara Stones" to start "Temple of Doom Multiball"
Hint: keep hiting the lower Captive Balls until it opens, then shoot the ball into the hole.

- Shoot the "Crystal Skull Ramp" to collect "Crystal Skull Movie Awards (including Extra Ball!).

- Shoot the "Holy Grail (Cup) Scoop" to start th e"Last Crusade Mode". Shoot flashing shots to collect.

- Shoot the "Holy Grail Scoop" when lit to collect the "Mystery" feature.

- Shoot upper Captive Balls in the Map Room to start the Cairo Swordsman Hurry-Up. Shoot again to collect.

- Spell out I-N-D-Y or J-O-N-E-S to relight Targets for "Indy Jones" Scoring.


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