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Fresh from its first appearance in Italy, Stern's new Indiana Jones turned up today at the ASI show in Las Vegas.

Indiana Jones at the ASI show
Two Indiana Jones machines on the Stern stand at the ASI show

There are one or two cosmetic differences from the earlier model we saw.

Indiana Jones detail

One new addition is the Sankara Stone over the red (Temple of Doom) pop bumper. This hopefully glows just like the stones did in the movie. Meanwhile, artwork has appeared on the plastics over the captive ball and the scoop.

Elsewhere, other artwork has appeared on various plastic and on the spinners.

Detail on Indiana Jones
The ark and surrounding area

The plastic behind the green standups has changed from generic hieroglyphics to depict those who were foolish enough to open the ark suffering the consequences. Below that, the golden idol has disappeared from the snake's mouth to move down below the arrow and the Raiders text - like the Kingdom text in front of the right ramp - has changed from white to black.

Playfield detail
Side view of the playfield

Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted a different order to the different bumper cap colours though it remains to be see whether this is intentional.

Certainly the blue one should go under the holy grail to match the game's colour theme for The Last Crusade, in which it appeared. Similarly, the red one represents Temple of Doom so sits under the stone, leaving the yellow and green caps to match their respective positions on the playfield.

Playfield detail
The left side of the playfield

The ball lock now includes artwork showing the temple of doom.

Playfield detail
The bottom arch complete with decals

The bottom arch now has decals, although they are rather sparse-looking at this stage.

Reports from the show indicate the game does indeed have 16 modes (4 for each movie) and that the dot matrix animations are of a higher quality than those seen on Spider-Man, resulting in a well rounded package.

That concludes this update on the game's progress towards production. We'll be back with much more information about Stern's new Indiana Jones right here at Pinball News.


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