Thanks to Todd Voth for the pictures

Stern's current game Lord Of The Rings is now out on test in the Chicago area and we've got the first pictures for you.

...and now we can see that the cabinet has different colours on the two sides.

The backbox side compliments the translite perfectly.

And guess what? The 54 stars of the old "made in USA" that we criticised before has been replace with a new style. It's good to know our comments are taken on board.

Is that one classy backbox side art, or what?

Oh, and guess what? The cheesy bottom apron artwork we criticised in our last review has.... been changed. OK, it still has the whiff of curdled milk about it, but it's a great improvement on the previous effort and adds a much needed feminine touch.

Yes, we like the look of this game. It appears to have the depth of a great game and the Medieval Madness layout simply has to be a winner. Now we just have to play the real thing.

It's a bit worrying to see all those clear plastic pieces. They are usually there to prevent ball hang-ups, or to stop the ball shooting off a ramp or wireform. They do suggest a lack of thought in the game design. Let's hope not.

Woah! What is that tower mechanism? It looks way cheesy and verging on the Kenny! Let's hope there's more to it than that.

There really are a lot of character models in this game, aren't there? Three on one slingshot alone. They do look a trifle cramped though. And are those black cable ties fixing them to the slingshot plastic? Ugh!

But the rest just looks so cool. OK we forgive you the sling shots. We may even forgive you the Kenny Tower. Just make the rules rule.

So the conclusion? Too early to say, of course. It looks great, appears to have a ton of features and a superb theme, but please wait for our playtest before deciding anything.

It's difficult to believe a game that looks this good could fall apart when played, but we'll let you know all about it before too long.


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