Date: 19th February, 2014, updated 4th March, 2014

Good news for Metallica pinball owners.

Nine month after the game was first released, Stern Pinball today announced that they are increasing the number of Metallica songs in the game from twelve to fourteen, and are asking the public to vote for the two new songs they would like added.

The decision to put the selection of the two extra tracks out to a public vote was announced on the site, where anyone wanting to take part in the process can apply for a unique e-mailed link which will allow you to actually cast your vote.

The full list of choices is shown below, but you have until March 3rd, 2014 to make your choices and vote.

It is claimed the new songs will then be made available shortly after the closing date, but these will almost certainly come as part of a long-awaited software update for all Metallica pinballs. With several features indicated on the playfield but not yet included in the rules, the discontent amongst game owners has been building over recent weeks and months.

There has been no suggestion the extra tracks will only be available to Master of Puppets Limited Edition or Premium games, so it is hoped this forthcoming update will address all those existing issues, in addition to providing the two new songs.

Here is the list of songs included in the vote. Those already in the game have been crossed out and cannot be chosen again.

The song selection
The song selection
(click to enlarge)

At the time of writing, Blackened and Ride the Lighting were in a slender lead with 17% and 16% of votes respectively, although Orion was just a few votes behind in third place.


Voting has now closed and the winning tracks are:

  • Ride the Lightning - 2,016 votes

  • Blackened - 1,971 votes

Close behind in third was Orion (1,836 votes), followed by Welcome Home (1,675 votes) and I Disappear (1,489 votes).

The two winning tracks will be added to the new release of software for Metallica pinball, which will hopefully be released shortly.

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