The first picture of the Grand Prix game has been released.

Pictures courtesy of Parts4Pinballs

This is a variant on the Nascar game with different artwork on the cabinet, the playfield and the backglass. It maintains essentially the same ruleset and many of the display animations are the same but changes have been made here and to the sound calls although the counter-clockwise direction of the larger outer track has not been reversed.

As predicted, the Grand Prix game features no licensed drivers or teams and there are enough differences between the cars depicted and those used in Formula One to avoid legal problems, such as the grooves on the tyres and the driver number (F1 uses 4 grooves on the tyres or full tread slicks and 2005 season driver numbers are 1 - 21 (excluding 13)).

Initial comments suggest this version would have been at least as popular as the Nascar game if it were available for sale in North American. It isn't, but no doubt re-imported games will show up before too long if the demand transfers into orders.

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