Many thanks to Chris Werfel for the pictures and information.

Sit down, strap yourself in, here it is, Stern's next pin - RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Based on the computer game of the same name, the pin is currently on test at the Season Tickets arcade in Streamwood, Illinois, USA, so be aware that nothing in these pictures will necessarily appear in the final production game - though it's probable that almost all of it will.

Produced by Pat Lawlor Designs, this four-flippered game is - not unsurprisingly - big on ramps. There are three colour coded wireforms the largest of which curves around the flippers and deposits the ball in a lock area in the same place as Monopoly. Balls on these ramps are accompanied by screaming sound effects and display graphics.

The colourful ramps match the game's artwork which is bright and bouncy like the computer game and the objective is the same, to turn on the rides and to get as many visitors into the theme park as possible. Each ride has a traffic light next to it, and you turn the red lights to yellow and then green by shooting the ride.

The playfield artwork looks as if it is by John Youssi and the detail is superb - allowing for many hidden jokes and personalities amongst the crowds.

With four flippers the game develops the range of cross-playfield shots
found in Monopoly. Each one can shoot a 3-target bank as well as other
features. The upper left flipper is not a full-sized one but the upper
right one is.

It's good to see that our criticism of the visible wiring on Monopoly has been attended to, and this time the wires are encased in plastic tubing giving a much more finished look.

The mini LED display is back, this time placed in the top right of the game and behind a facade with three flashers.

But the one feature that immediately grabs the eye is that troll.

Is it for real, or a troll?

Will it make the production version or will it be replaced once the proper parts arrive?

More details as we receive them and look out for our detailed play report
coming soon.


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