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Spider-Man may not be the very latest game from Stern now that Wheel Of Fortune has been announced but that hasn't stopped the Spider-Man machine turning out a new batch with a special "black" edition showing our erstwhile superhero in his darker persona.

The new model features different art, chrome legs and trim including special flipper button plates.

The new black Spider-Man backglass

The cabinet, backbox and translite artwork all feature Spider-Man in his black costume rather than the more usual red and blue suit used in the original, as you can see below.

The original Spider-Man backglass

Apart from the new suit and pose, and the swapping of the second Spider-Man image, the background scene is unchanged in the new version but in a first for Stern it will feature an actual screened and mirrored backglass instead of just a translite.

The cabinet side art also features the black-suited superhero while the backbox sides now show him instead of Venom and Sandman who used to live there.

Cabinet side art from the special edition

Somewhat strangely for a "black" edition, much of the black metalwork from the original has been replaced by chrome.

Chrome metalwork on the new model

The special flipper button plates, the chromed legs, backbox hinge and lock bar complete the external changes to the game. The tournament start button still sits on the lock bar rather than in its new position on Wheel Of Fortune just below the regular start button.

The playfield looks to be unchanged from the original but inside the cabinet sits the shaker motor which was previously an optional extra on original Spider-Man machines to round off the upgraded package.

Unchanged playfield in the new model

The Spider-Man Black Edition will be available in November from the usual Stern outlets.

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