After a rather subdued first look at the AMOA show, Stern has now released the final, approved artwork for the Wheel Of Fortune playfield.

The changes from our earlier pictures are certainly minor with no significant modifications to the playfield layout.

The three players on the playfield are unchanged. The idea is to build up the cash value of one of the players, then solve the puzzle and collect their amassed total by hitting the appropriate character's stand-up target.

The standup targets spelling M-U-L-T-I-B-A-L-L are still in the same place and LED display in the playfield looks to be unchanged.

The unusual outlane and centre rollovers between the flippers are the same as before and should provide some interesting gameplay. In fact perhaps the only obvious change is the wording between the flippers changing from "Super Spin" to "Big Money".

That's all for this Wheel Of Fortune update. We will be back soon with more details of Stern's newest game here at Pinball News.

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