Pictures courtesy TheKorn and Web Wide Video

After our intitial two reports it's time for some detailed shots of Stern's next game, going behind the scenes and under the playfield.

The cabinet artwork featuring the show's logo

The design is the same on both sides

One side of the backbox shows the $2,500 wedge from the wheel

While the other shows the $5,000 maximum-value wedge

Starting in the flipper area, sans flippers.

The two outlanes - rolling through a lit one saves the ball

The Wild Card lane behind the two green standup targets and the left ramp behind

The Jackpot inserts look like star rollovers but aren't

A wiggly left ramp returns the ball to the left inlane

The top of the left ramp features a 360 degree loop

A closer loop at the left ramp

The right loop sends the ball through a gate into the pop bumpers

The ball's exit from the pop bumpers into the left loop can be interupted by a stop post

The pop bumpers use the white LEDs seen in Spider-Man.

To the right of the left ramp is a scoop to lock balls, give awards and start multiball

A mock-up of the awards board

To the right of the scoop are the three bobble-headed contestants.

The all have solenoids attached to make them jump up and down

Behind the contestants is the spinning wheel

The wheel is back lit to show each contestant's award and LEDs run around the edge

The LEDs mount on a PCB behind the wheel

The wheel's motor sits behind the PCB

Next to the contestants is the centre ramp which crosses the playfield

The centre ramp feeds to the left ramp and into the left inlane

To the right of that are three in-line drop targets

Each drop target gives a different award

The three awards from the drop targets

Knocking all three down leads to a 180 degree scoop and the right ramp while next to the drop targets is the right loop shot

Below the right loop are four standups to build towards multiball

The right ramp feeds the right inlane and back to the flippers (when fitted)

The ball shooter sends the ball up the right side of the playfield to the skill shot

The aim is to get the ball to drop back through the switch gate

The mini prize wheel on the playfield

The progress of each contestant - and your potential prizes - are shown in this grid

That's all for this look at the playfield. We'll be back soon with more details and our in-depth review of the game.

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