Following the release of a drawing of the left side of the playfield for The Wizard of Oz, Jersey Jack Pinball has now released the right half, allowing us to join them together and produce a full playfield drawing.

The whole playfield
The whole playfield

With the release of the right side of the playfield, we can see the game features five flippers - the usual two at the bottom, one on each mini-playfield and a fifth half-way up on the right side, covering an escape lane back to the ball shooter.

Above that flipper is what looks like a magnet at the entrance to the right orbit which could grab the ball and set it up for a shot much like in Rollergames, while below the flipper is a Throne Room saucer to award assorted features.

Three rollover lanes at the top right are fed from the ball shooter in one of the few conventional shots in the game.  There also appears to be another magnet at the top of the orbit lane to stop the ball and send it through the rollover lanes.  Once through the rollovers though, it appears there is a slingshot kicker to give some pop bumper-like action before the ball rolls down to that fifth flipper.

Four T-O-T-O inserts or rollover buttons in the right outlane mirror the K-A-N-S-A-S feature in the left outlane while the R-A-I-N-B-O-W standup targets add to the K-A-N-S-A-S, F-A-T-E and R-E-S-C-U-E target banks to give us a total of 23 standups used to spell out words.

In other JJP news, the company has announced some of the distributors in the US and around the world who will be offering The Wizard of Oz and future games for sale.

In the US, The Pinball Company in St. Louis and Abel Electronics of Michigan have both been appointed as distributors for Jersey Jack Pinball, while Bumper Action Amusements in South Melbourne, Australia have sole JJP distribution rights for the whole of Australia.

Nic Parks, co-owner of The Pinball Company said, "I'm thrilled to represent Jersey Jack. We are very excited about their games and our pre-sales are off the charts." while Gary Monarch added, "I love what he is doing and he understands how to support a distribution network. We're with him 100%."


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