This is a preliminary picture of Stern Pinball Inc's next game - World Poker Tour, a Steve Ritchie design based on the worldwide syndicated poker tournament. It comes courtesy of Parts4Pinballs in Norway.

It is most certainly not a picture of the final product by any means so caution should be exercised in drawing many conclusions from the picture but the basic layout and concepts are revealed.

The game is liberally fitted out with drop targets - supposedly sixteen in all - to represent playing cards. The most visible new feature is the return of the 7x5 LED matrix display. But this time there's fourteen of them embedded in the playfield surface to represent two hands of Texas Hold 'Em poker.

The clear upper playfield from Elvis is back with two upper mini-flippers and as is usual for a Steve Ritchie design, most of the topside hardware is concentrated in the upper third of the playfield to make those classic long looping shots.

The new game also features the company's new hardware system so we should expect improved display and sound effects from the increased memory and faster processors.

Final pictures should be available in a matter of days and then we should be able to get a better idea about the game and the artwork.


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