Story dated 7 January, 2004

A petition has been started to get former Williams programmer and game designer Brian Eddy to design a game for Stern Pinball.

Eddy joined Williams in July 1989 and started by programming Funhouse. He designed The Shadow (and programmed most of it) and then went on to design Attack From Mars and Medieval Madness before leaving the pinball division in 1998 to work on video games where he produced Arctic Thunder .

Now the Swedish pinball web site Pinheads.com has started a list of signatories to try to persuade Gary Stern to get Brian Eddy to design a game for them. Somewhat surprisingly, the petition has the backing of Brian Eddy himself.

Brian told the Swedish Pinball Association back in 2002 when asked about a return to pinball: " I have talked with Gary Stern in the past so you never know. Maybe if you send Stern an Email asking me to do another game... I have a lot of ideas on games I would have liked to have done... I have a lot of ideas left from when I exited the pin business and still come up with new ones even though I'm no longer designing them."

Will the petition have the desired effect? You can add your name to the list here.


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