Date: 28th May, 2011

The latest announcement from Jersey Jack Pinball has revealed a monochrome sampler of the first piece of artwork from their upcoming The Wizard of Oz game.

The sample backglass and monitor artwork
The sample backglass and monitor artwork

The picture shows how the backglass frame will surround a composite image which will be displayed on the 26-inch LCD monitor mounted in the game's backbox.

Although this sample is in black-and-white, the final version will be in full colour.

The monitor image depicts many elements from the movie, with the Wicked Witch the largest of the characters. Combined with the stormy skyline, the bare trees and the axe-wielding Tin Man, the artwork conveys the darker side of the movie while managing to contrast it with the central cheery image of Dorothy and Toto.

The sampke monitor image
The sample monitor image

These two pieces of artwork are part of the hand-painted seven-piece set created by Jerry Vandersteldt.  Jerry said, "The cabinet sides, backbox sides, front coin door panel, backglass art and backbox glass insert are seven different works of art and will complete the story-telling treatment I have in mind for the entire exterior art package, but for now, enjoy this first glimpse into the backglass design of Jersey Jack's very own, 'The Wizard of Oz' pinball machine!"

Jack Guarnieri said about the artwork, "If you know any of Jerry's works, you better be ready to see an awesome finished art package like none ever produced for a pinball machine before. When this takes life through color and depth, everyone will be blown away."

Different treatments of the monitor image will be displayed on the LCD monitor at different times during the gameplay and also in attract mode.

The remaining pieces of Jerry's artwork will be printed using UV inks onto high-grade vinyl, before being applied to the cabinet front and sides, and the backbox sides.

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