26th March, 2012

Following our exclusive report on the P3 machine from, another team working on a pinball machine with an embedded LCD display have come forward and revealed details of their game.

Quetzal Pinball are based in Murcia in Southeast Spain and have produced a prototype of their Captain Nemo machine which they are planning to reveal shortly.

The backbox image for Captain Nemo
The backbox image for Captain Nemo

So far they have only released computer-generated versions of the game, but many of the prototype's parts have now been made and they are progressing towards having an actual machine available to play at the Torneo Madrileño de Pinballs in Madrid in May.

The main talking point is the 9.7 inch LCD panel positioned in the centre of the playfield which will show animations and reveals during the game, as well as providing scores and other feedback to the player.

The Captain Nemo playfield with the LCD in grey
The Captain Nemo playfield with the LCD in grey

Quetzal Pinball is not a coin-op manufacturing company, but is more a group of collectors and enthusiasts who have come together to create the Captain Nemo pinball with the intention of manufacturing a short run of around 30 machines.

Apart from the LCD screen, the game also features multiball with up to 5 balls, LED lighting, a headphone jack on the front of the cabinet, a five-bank of drop targets, a captive ball, and steel ramps and wireforms.

Wi-fi connectivity is included to allow scores to be uploaded or software downloaded, while the source code for the game will be made publicly available to allow developers to extend or modify the rules. Those rules run on an embedded PC operating system which drives a custom controller board, called the Quetzal Pinball Controller or QPC.

The Bally-style backbox contains two speakers, and the cabinet houses a 6.5 inch sub-woofer through which the game's heavy metal soundtrack plays.

The anticipated price for the game is €4,000-€4,500 ($5,300-$6,000) plus tax of 18%, and it will be available with or without a coin mechanism.

The flyer for the game
The flyer for the game

The project leader for Captain Nemo is Antonio Ortuño, while artwork for the game comes from Gustavo Díaz, a.k.a. Lord Hiryu, who is very active in the Visual Pinball community recreating machines for the VP platform.

Pre-order reservations are being taken now through the Quetzal Pinball website, with production expected to begin in October 2012. Delivery could take up to 10 months, although machines will be shipped as soon as they are completed rather than all together. Deposits of one third of the final price will be due in September, with the balance due when the machine is ready to ship.

We'll have more information about Quetzal Pinball's Captain Nemo machine as it emerges, right here at Pinball News.


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