May 1, 2004

Here we are in Pennsylvania for the 11th Pinball Wizards Convention at the Merchants Square, Allentown.

Although the show didn't open officially until 4pm, there were several vendors setting-up outside in the car park before that time and some early-bird deals were there for the taking.

But it wasn't only pinball in the parking lot.  It's probably best not to think too hard about the "romance level" tester and the adjacent Kleenex machine.

Although there were quite a few vendors outside, I'm told Saturday is much busier so we shall see...

Meanwhile, inside the games were set up and ready to play.

We will have a full list of the games in our complete report but a quick head count came up with 89 machines in the "free play" area - the area where games must remain powered-up and set to free play until the end of the day even if they are sold.

There were also many games set up in the vendor area where games need not be on free play or available for public play and can be withdrawn at any time.

Other vendors at the show included Illinois Pin Ball, Pinball Inc., M&P Amusement, Steve Young's Pinball Resource, Donal Murphy, Mayfair Amusement Co., Mr Amusement and the Web family with reproduction backglasses.

Business appeared brisk even on the quieter Friday evening, so Saturday should see some real business taking place.

We'll bring you more details of the show each evening throughout the weekend so check back to see what new pictures and details we've added.


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