Date: May 2nd - 4th 2008
Location: Allentown Fairgrounds AgriPlex,302 North 17th Street, Allentown, PA 18104 , USA.

This was the 15th Pinball Wizards Convention, better known as the Allentown Show and it officially opened at 4pm on Friday 2nd May.

The venue for the show

In fact, it started somewhat earlier than that with sales at the open-air flea market adjacent to the show hall beginning almost as soon as the first truck unloaded.

The flea market

The flea market is a major part of the show and a great place for some bargain buys, the best of which take place early on Friday or late on Sunday as vendors contemplate taking back their unsold goods.  Entry was supposed to be restricted to those who had bought show tickets and had their hand stamped, but since this wasn't possible until after 4pm, it was more-or-less free entry until the show opened.

The flea market

There were plenty of good project games for sale along with the assorted spares and what looked like junk but what could be just the part someone is looking for.

The flea market

There were probably fewer assorted boxes of parts to rumage through but more complete games for sale at good prices.

The flea market

To give you a better idea of the items for sale, we've done a special three minute tour of the flea market for you.

Pinball News Three Minute Tour

Simply click on the play button below for a walk around the flea market.

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Entry to the show and the flea market cost $15 per day for adults while a slightly cheaper $40 ticket covered all three days.

When the show officially got underway at 4pm the hall was opened to reveal a mass of machines and vendors.

The show floor
The show floor

The machines and vendors were arranged around the outer walls with two inner rows of back-to-back machines and vendor booths.

The show floor
Vendors and free play machines

The list of machines set up and ready to play on Saturday morning was:

Attack From Mars
Attack From Mars
Attack From Mars
Bad Girls
Baseball (Gottlieb)
Batman Forever
Beat Time
Big Brave
Big Game
Big Shot
Black Jack
Blue Chip
Bow and Arrow
Charlie's Angels
Cirqus Voltaire
Cover Girl
Creature From The Black Lagoon
Creature From The Black Lagoon*
Demolition Man
Demolition Man
Demolition Man
Demolition Man*
Elvira & The Party Monsters
F-14 Tomcat
Family Guy
Family Guy
Fast Draw
Fire Queen
Fireball 2
Firepower 2
Fish Tales*
Flying Carpet
Flying Turns
Future Spa
Gold Ball
Gypsy Queen
Haunted House
Hearts And Spades
High Hand
High Roller Casino
Indianapolis 500
Jet Spin
Jive Time
Johnny Mnemonic
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd*
Jumping Jack
Jurassic Park - The Lost World
King Rex
Liberty Bell
Loop The Loop
Medieval Madness
Moulin Rouge
NBA Fastbreak
New York
Nitro Groundshaker
No Fear
No Fear
No Good Gofers
Odds & Evens
Old Chicago*
Olympic Hockey
Playboy (Data East)
Riverboat Gambler
Ro Go
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Roller Coaster
Royal Flush
Royal Guard
San Francisco
Scared Stiff*
Ship Ahoy
Show Boat
Silver Slugger
Slick Chick
Special Force
Spider-Man (Gottlieb)
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Wars Episode 1
Stella Wars
Stella Wars
Street Fighter 2
Strike Master
Striker Xtreme
Strikes And Spares
Super Soccer
Super Spin
Swords Of Fury
Terminator 2
Terminator 3
The Flintstones
The Machine - Bride Of Pinbot
The Simpsons
The Simpsons
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Theatre Of Magic
Tom Tom
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone
Wheel Of Fortune
Who Dunnit?
Who Dunnit?*
Wild Fyre
World Cup Soccer
World Cup Soccer
World Poker Tour
Machines marked with a * were not working when the list was made at noon on Saturday.

Visitors to the show

In addition there were 8 machines in the tournament area.  They were: Hurricane, Time Warp, Wheel Of Fortune, Mystic, Spider-Man (Stern), Tri-Zone, Countdown and Taxi.  That brings the total number of pinball machines at the show to 168.

Visitors to the show

Apart from the pinballs there were also a number of video games: Donkey Kong 3, Duck Hunt, Ms Pac-Man, Multicade, Multicade, MultiGames, Pac-Man 25th Anniversary and Popeye.

Vendors at the show
The Classic Playfield Reproductions stand

Vendors at the show
Pinball Decals Inc at the front with Pinball Inc behind

Vendors at the show
Steve Young's Pinball Resource

There were plenty of vendors at the show including many of the big names in pinball parts as you can see above.

Those with stands in the hall were:

  • BC's Pinball Amusements
  • Classic Playfield Reproductions
  • Gameroom Obsession
  • Great Lakes Modular
  • Illinois Pin Ball Co
  • Let's Play Pinball
  • Marco Specialties
  • Mayfair Amusement Co
  • Nighthawk Games
  • Pinball Decals Inc
  • Pinball Inc
  • Pinball Pal
  • Pinball Parts Plus
  • Pinball Resource
  • PinLED
  • Pintastic Pinball
  • Rec Room Specialties
  • Reeder Amusements

The Pinball Wizards Convention lives up to its name through the three division of tournaments organised and run by P3Tournaments.

The P3Tournaments team
Brian Smith and the P3Tournaments Team

There was an Expert Division and Advanced Division and an Everyone Division which are self-explanatory.  Each division featured qualifing sessions over the first two days followed by double elimination rounds to reach a final two who then played in their division's final.

The Everyone Division concluded first with a win for Cam Nosiglia.  Josh Lubitz was second with Patrick Newhart in third and Matthew Mayle in fourth.  The top three finishers received a show t-shirt along with a plaque.

Everyone Division winners
Cam Nosiglia, Josh Lubitz and Patrick Newhart from the Everyone Division

The Advanced Division was decided next which resulted in Richard Weins taking the top spot followed by Chris Nosiglia in second, Pete Hendricks in third and Max Blom in fourth.  Richard earned himself $300 for first place while Chris and Pete received $150 and $100 respectively.

The Advanced Division winners
Richard Weins, Chris Nosiglia and Pete Hendricks from the Advanced Division

In the top Expert Division, the final was between Bowen Kerins and Jory Rabinovitz, played out on Hurricane.  Bowen established an early lead which he maintained through ball two and in a masterly performance, massively increased his score to 186M to leave Jory with little chance of a comeback.  Bowen duly took the first prize of the same Hurricane machine.  Jory in second earned himself $500, Steve Bowden was third with $400 while Ed Zeltmann was fourth.

The Expert Division winners
Bowen Kerins, Jory Rabinovitz and Steve Bowden from the Expert Division

Sunday was a much quieter affair both in terms of the number of visitors and the number of machines set up to play in the hall.

Pinball News Three Minute Tour

You've read about the show but now you can see it for yourself with our exclusive Pinball News Three Minute Tour. Simply click on the play button below for a walk around the show floor.

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