Date: 30th March - 1st April 2007.
Location: The Pheasant Run Resort, St Charles, IL, USA, 60174 .

The Chicagoland Show is a biannual event held at the Pheasant Run Resort in St Charles, about 20 miles west of Chicago.

The entrance to the resort

It's a coin-op and memorabilia collectors show featuring everything from old store signs through jukeboxes, gumball machines, modern japanese slot machines and of course, pinball. In fact, pinball was represented with over 40 machines available for sale.

Restored antique slot machines

The show began on Friday 30th March with a special preview day for the first chance to grab those rare and bargain items. It is priced accordingly, costing $50 for entry which also provides access on Saturday and Sunday. Regular one day entry over the weekend is a more respectable $7, so our visit took place on Saturday.

Some beautiful cabinetry was on show too

Due to the size of the show, it is split between two halls - the Mega Center and the St Charles Ballroom, the Mega Center being the larger of the two and also the busiest.

For those happy times in the back seat of the car under a neon sign. Or was that just me?

There is also an outdoor area where most of the trucks are parked and which turns into an ad-hoc sales area with good being sold out of the back of the trucks or on the ground making up the parking lot.

Plenty of deals available straight out of the trailer

Saturday's occasional showers reined-in some of this activity but apparently Friday saw some brisk trade.

That's a Big Boy!

But back to the pinball side of things and there was a wide range of games for sale at the show. Unlike pinball shows, everything on show here was available to buy and with 44 games on sale there was plenty of choice for buyers.

The oldest game award must go to this 1932 Mills Novelty Co. Official Pin Table.

Official Pin Table by Mills - $475

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, Hemispheres Amusements had the newest Family Guy and UltraPin games along with a dozen other machines for visitors to play.

Hemispheres Amusements' games

Show prices for the games were:

  • UltraPin - $5795
  • Corvette - $4495
  • Family Guy - $3995
  • Twilight Zone - $3695
  • Monopoly - $3395
  • Junkyard - $3295
  • No Fear - $2895
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula - $2595
  • The Shadow - $2495

O'Cee's Amusements' games

  • Eight Ball - $1800
  • Black Knight - $2100
  • Sharkey's Shootout - $2600
  • Dirty Harry - $2900
  • Junkyard - $3500
  • F-14 Tomcat - $2800
  • Star Trek - The Next Generation - $3500

Williams Extra Inning - $2250

A Twilight Zone, Evans' Ten Strike and a Bally Alley - all unpriced

NASCAR - $3299, Spring Break - $799, WWF Royal Rumble - $1599, Secret Service - $1299

Other games by the same vendor

  • Raven - $1199
  • Silverball Mania - $1299
  • Demolition Man - $1699
  • Gilligan's Island - $1599

TAB Virtual Pinball - $4995, Algar - $650

Lots of pinball for sale at Mike Pacak's booth

Right next door were HSA (Home Score Amusements) with some beautiful clearcoated playfields

Kevin and the crew from GameRoom Magazine were selling books and subscriptions

Johnny Mnemonic - $1995, Eight Ball - $1695, Blackout - $1095, Gold Ball - $495, Rapid Fire - $495

Sure Shot - $1000, Home Run - $1000, Asteroid Annie - $4000, Slugfest - $1600, South Park - $2500

There were some very good deals available on Pachislos with lots to choose from

Other games for sale at the Chicagoland show were:

  • Lost World - $750
  • Roadshow - $2999
  • Mario Andretti - $850
  • Jungle Queen - $650
  • James Bond - $1500
  • Funhouse - $2950
  • The Addams Family - Unknown (sold)
  • Starship Troopers - $1599
  • Williams Short Stop - $2595
  • Williams Deluxe Baseball - Unknown (sold)
  • The Sopranos - $3295

It's Elvis, with a bear behind!

If you're visiting from out of town, the hotel we chose was the Holiday Inn Express in St Charles. It is just along the main road towards the town - about 5 minutes' drive - and convenient walking distance to several eateries and bars. The rooms are well furnished, there's free wireless internet and a decent breakfast included.


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