Story dated 17th May, 2001

Thanks to Karin Kolbe for the information and Hans-Martin Wiest for the images.

The weekend of the 5th and 6th of May saw the German Pinball Association's Pindom 2001 show. Held at the Küppers Club in Cologne, there was a good selection of games, with over 50 pinball games present.

There was a lively competition which was well attended with over 100 entrants taking part and vieing for the top prize of a pinball machine. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but the prize was a 1994 Bally Popeye Saves The Earth.

The final was won by Albert Nomden, a familiar name in European competitions. The top 4 were:

1. Albert Nomden (NL)
2. Paul Jongma (NL)
3. Frank Dammer
4. Michael Muench

and the finals were played out on an Attack From Mars machine.

Besides the games to play and the competition, there were also a number of stands selling spares, books, flyers and other goodies.

There were a number of games for sale at the show such as Medieval Madness, Monster Bash and Tales of the Arabian Nights which were naturally very much in demand and didn't stay unsold for long.

A number of pinball parts were available through an auction which was open to members of the German Pinball Association.

The GPA should be congratulated for holding another sucessful show.

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