June 10, 2005

Many thanks to Martin Wiest for the details and picture.

The German Pinball Championship took place at Espelkamp, near Bielefeld on the 4th June with the title of German Champion up for grabs.

The community centre was the venue for the competition and it played host to 250 visitors who came to compete, trade games and parts, and meet fellow collectors. There was a collection of 70 games for them to play.

It was a good mix of modern games and older solid state models with five new Sopranos and three Elvis games courtesy of the local Stern distributor. The full game list is shown below:

Honey, Rescue 911, TX Sector, Wizard, Elektra, Underwater, Mousin Around, Funhouse, Genesis, Whirlwind, Twilight Zone, Demolition Man, Dracula, Terminator 2, World Cup Soccer, Congo, Johnny Mnemonic, Getaway, Eight Ball, Night Rider (EM), Defender, Alien Poker, Laser War, Space Mission, Road Show, Shadow, Fun House, Machine, Terminator 2, NBA Fastbreak, High Speed, Funhouse, Cyclone, High Speed, Striker Extreme, Flintstones, Viper, Fish Tales, Indianapolis 500, Who Dunnit, NBA Fastbreak, Judge Dredd, Lost in Space, Phantom of the Opera, Class of 1812, Radical, Big Guns, Terminator 2, No Good Gofers, WWF Royal Rumble, Independence Day, Rocky, Bullwinkle & Friends, Turtles, Back to the Future, Lethal Weapon, Hook, Freedom, Baywatch, maverick, Checkpoint, XENON, Monster bash, The Sopranos x 5, Elvis x 3.

One hundred and ten of the visitors played in the tournament with six of them having pre-qualified at tournaments held by the convention sponsor Gauselmann
group. Twenty-four of the games above were used for the tournament which continued long into the night until just eight semi-finalist remained: Andreas Harre, Martin Hotze, Dirk Klaver, Albert Nomden, Wolfgang Schmieger, Stefan Segars, Markus Straube and Roy Wils.

Into the final went Andreas, Wolfgang, Markus and Roy to play on The Sopranos. Following an excellent first ball (just as he had in the semi-finals), Andreas Harre won the game and the title of German Champion with his score of 182,117,860. This wasn't a new experience for Andreas as he was already the reigning German Champion.

To go with his title he also won a trip to PAPA 8 in Pittsburgh in August where he will represent Germany.

Roy Wils, the recently crowned European Champion was second with 83,663,260, Markus Straube was a close third on 82,100,450 with Wolfgang Schmieger fourth with 10,760,270.

In the play-offs, Albert Nomden won fifth position with his 136,423,920, Dirk Klaver was sixth on 46,272,430, seventh place was Martin Hotze on 23,842,250 and Stefan Segars was in eighth with 6,399,740.

Next year the German Pinball Association will taking the baton from their Dutch counterparts when they will host the 2006 European Championships. They will be held in Munich a little earlier in the year - at the end of April - and of course we'll have a full report from the show.



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