Date: 26th February, 2011
Location: Miami Poker Club, Budapest, Hungary

Report by József Vasmatics and Zoltán Zsifkovits

Guaranteed big money prize, excellent pinballs and a hard fight, that was the trailer for the first Miami Pinball Open held in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, at the end of February.

Only a few competitors had reserved their place in the tournament in advance. However the organisers still decided to continue with the tournament.

The trophy for the winner
The trophy for the winner

By 10 o’clock in the morning of the 26th of February all the competitors had arrived at the show. The organisers were happy because there were several foreign players too.

The twenty-one machines were placed in two sections of the hall and patiently waited to entertain the players. Amongst the pinballs we could find Big Buck Hunter, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, Indiana Jones and the almost new Avatar.

Eleven of the Hungarian Pinball Open's twenty-one machines
Eleven of the Hungarian Pinball Open's twenty-one machines

Before the tournament started the players could practice and get to be friends with the machines.  A little later, the competition began.

Five of the machines
Five of the machines; NBA, The Sopranos, Family Guy,
Star Trek - The Next Generation and Indiana Jones

Sixteen players played on sixteen of the machines at same time, and the ranking points were calculated as a percentage. The top eight players went through to the next round.

After two hours of intense play, the jury required a two hours break so they could calculate the points correctly and give the players some time to eat and rest.

At the end of the first round there was a two-way tie for eighth place. The two players took part in a play-off with the first to win two games going into the next round. The winner was Füredi Sándor, who after that match was like a Terminator, marching to first place and winning the €2000 main cash prize.

The next round was contested by the best eight. They played the death match system with the first to win two games winning the match, but all the players were happy because cash prizes were awarded to the top eight!

The four finalists
The top four (L-R): Michael Trepp (2nd), Füredi Sándor (1st),
Gábor Solymosi (4th), Zsolt Szabó (3rd)

At this high quality tournament there were lots of surprises and the atmosphere was really good right through to the end of the event. The players got some nice alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as they tried to chill out after the tournament.

A little bird tells me there will be another event like this held in Budapest sooner or later, with more big cash prizes.

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The results:

Pos Name Prize


Füredi Sándor €2,000
2 Michael Trepp €1,000
3 Zsolt Szabó €600
4 Gábor Solymosi €400
5= László Horn €250
5= Attila Barna €250
5= Gábor Fekecs €250
5= Krisztián Szalai €250
9= Zoltán Zsifkovits  
9= Ernő Rotter  
9= Gergő Pataky  
9= István Szabó  
9= Rolf Geissberg  
9= András Lugosi  
9= Csilla Király  
9= László Matyi  

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