Date: May 20th, 2010
Location: SS Billiards, 732 11th Avenue South, Hopkins, Minnesota 55343, USA.

On Thursday, May 20th, 2010 SS Billiards in Hopkins, MN held a Launch Those Geese pinball tournament.

So that Pinball News readers could enjoy all the eclectic electric neon, pictured is SS Billiards at night.

SS Billiards

An e-mail invitation had been sent out. People from: Denmark, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Sweden responded and attended. Below is a copy of the e-mail.

Launch Those Geese this coming this Thursday May 20th at SS Billiards in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Party commences at noon, and continues until closing at midnight or later.

This event is planned to give the local pinball enthusiasts a chance to play and compete with the out of the area guests.

During the afternoon, pizza will be provided for large groups. At 6pm the Famous Dave's ribs arrive. Pinball Tournament starts at 7pm. A $500.00 prize package with $300.00 to the winner, $100.00 to second place, and $100.00 to the winner in the loser’s bracket.

This will surely be a great day filled with a lot of good times and pinball fun.

Another exciting Pinball Picnic coming up soon. Besides the Famous Dave's ribs, the pinball tournament will improve with a $200.00 prize package. With $100.00 going to the winner, $50.00 to the loser, and $50.00 for the winner in the losers bracket.  Stop in for more details and date.

The next Crazy J Pinball Event is coming up Thursday June 10th. Pizza for pinball tournament participants at 7pm and a player organized pinball tournament after the food.

There is no entry fee on these events, games are on coin play.

And SS Billiards is open 360 days a year for your pinball enjoyment. Stop in and enjoy the great pinball fun. Always something new and exciting to look forward too.

LTG :)

As the event was planned for a Thursday, many could not attend until the evening. For example, I could only leave work in time to get some ribs at 6:00pm. As I could only attend a part of the pinball tournament and Lloyd already made an update, I’ll share some pictures from the event.

Below is a copy of Lloyd's update.

The return of Launch Those Geese at SS Billiards ( came to a close about 1:30am this morning. That was 13 1/2 hours of pinball fun.

A great time was had. Pizza, Famous Dave's ribs, and a heck of a lot of fun playing pinball.

The tournament results were -
1st place - Keith Elwin
2nd place - Mads Kristensen
1st place consolation bracket - Jorian Engelbrektsson

Special mention of John Jundt and Phil Ayotte battling it out to the end. Great job !

Thanks goes out to Marlowe Koch and Dave Gorka for bringing in the cole slaw and potato salad. Thank you Jim Stoddard for the afternoon pizza.

Casualties were light. Report of a weak right flipper on NASCAR, and Big Bang Bar popped a fuse. Pretty good for the heavy play the games got.

And I would like to thank all that came and joined the fun. Getting to visit with the Swedish contingent was special. Making sure all the customers were having fun. And partying with Pinted and Mads after the event is the stuff memories were made of. A huge thank you to all who came and made the day special !

If you would like to get in on fun like this. I am here for your pinball enjoyment 360 days a year. And the next things coming up -

Sunday June 6th the Pinball Picnic. Famous Dave's ribs at 5pm, and a pinball tournament at 6pm with a $200.00 prize package.

Thursday June 10th the Crazy J event. Pizza at 7pm, and a player organized pinball tournament after the food.

And like the Launch Those Geese event, these two events there is no cover charge, games are on coin play.

Thank you !
LTG :)

Pictured below are the announcements posted for everyone to see.

You may know the well informed dog who tells everyone what is coming up at SS Billiards.

Two games were still for sale since this year’s May Day Pinball Tournaments were held.

There was “The Machine - Bride of Pin•Bot” (BoP) for $1950.00 dollars.

The second game still for sale was “Hook” for $1350.00 dollars.

This time a non-pinball game was added; a Merit Jade II for $300.00 dollars.

Some of the early evening attendees.

A few more contestants got to make it in time for dinner.

Dinner consisted of: beans, cole slaw, potato salad, more beans, and ribs from Famous Dave’s.

A few of the competitors warming up and finishing dinner.

Late arrivals could eat dinner next door at the China Palace. In fact, some did. A few competitors even brought back food and ate while they played.

Sustenance keeping players going into the night.

Attendees later into the night.

Serious competitors.

Late night competitors.

Contestants in the thick of the pinball tournament.

The winners being separated from the losers.

The combatants thinning out the other competition.


1st place - Keith Elwin

2nd place - Mads Kristensen

Just as Lloyd announced his Launch Those Geese event via e-mail, he was sure to let everyone know of upcoming local events. Below is a copy of that e-mail.

Time to start thinking of this holiday weekend's kick off to Summer pinball fun in Minnesota.

Coming up this Sunday June 6th at SS Billiards in Hopkins is The Pinball Picnic.

For those participating in the event. Famous Dave's Ribs at 5pm, and pinball tournament with a $200.00 prize package at 6pm. $100 to the winner, $50 to second place, and $50 to winner of the losers bracket.

Crazy J Pinball Event is Thursday June 10th. Pizza at 7pm and a player organized tournament after the food.

With the 4th of July on the first Sunday of the month, there probably won't be a Pinball Picnic in July. Later in the month there will likely be another Launch Those Geese pinball event.

Summer goes too fast in these parts. Don't forget as we get on the roller coaster to fall. Near the end of Summer Pinball On A Stick at the Minnesota State Fair a must attend experience.

SS Billiards is open 360 days a year for your pinball enjoyment. Stop in and join the fun. Find out about up coming events. And get on our emailing list for updates.

There have been requests to change the Famous Dave's ribs at the picnics to subs. If you are in favor of any food changes at any of the events, please let me know. If there is enough interest I will try and accommodate them.

Traditionally the Pinball Circus gets the hot dogs, pizza, and pop. May Day Tournament the Famous Dave's little pig dinners (ribs, chicken, coleslaw, drunkin apples ), the Pinball Picnic has been the Famous Dave's ribs, the 37th Anniversary party was Savoy Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and pop. The Crazy J Pinball event pizza.

Your participation in these events gets you a spot in next year's May Day pinball tournament.

I'm looking forward to a great Summer of pinball !
LTG :)

Don’t forget to check the Diary Section of Pinball News for your local events.

NOTE: All pictures courtesy and property of Lloyd Olson, SS Billiards and are used here with permission.


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