Date: Saturday 18th September, 2010
Location: SS Billiards, 732 11th Avenue South, Hopkins, Minnesota 55343, USA.

On October 2nd 2002, SS Billiards in Hopkins, MN, USA had its 30th anniversary party; Bolshoi Goose. This year, owner Lloyd’s actual anniversary was on Monday, September 20th but he decided to hold this year’s party on Saturday, September 18th 2010. This fun party lasted from about 5pm until a little after 12am!

The web site picture of front of the world famous SS Billiards
The web site picture of front of the world famous SS Billiards


Lloyd was responsible for funding and organizing the pinball party. Dave offered to help Lloyd by running the pinball tournament.

On the left, Dave is organizing the tournament so that Lloyd, on the right, could enjoy the ribs


The week before Lloyd's 38th Anniversary, Lloyd sent out an e-mail announcement of upcoming pinball events. Below is a copy of that e-mail.

SS Billiard's  ( ) 38th Anniversary is coming up on September 20th.

Since this falls on a Monday, I am holding the celebration the Saturday before on September 18th.

I am launching a new event for this occasion. The Three P's.  Pigroast, Pinball, Ptournament.

Pigroast at 6pm, Pinball Ptournamet at 7pm. $200.00 Prize Package. $100.00 to first place, $50.00 to second place, and $50.00 to winner of the consolation bracket.

No entry fee. Games on coin play.

My events are known for their excitement and fun. And this one will surely be an event you won't want to miss.

Plan to attend now.

The next Crazy Joe Esposito Pinball Event is Thursday October 14th.

Pizza Luce at 7pm for those playing in the event. A player organized pinball tournament after the food.

Had a blast with the September Crazy Joe. I want to thank Diane Lundahl for baking some great treats. And thank you to Dave Gorka for running the tournament.

Pinball Circus   October 16th and 17th. Two full days of pinball fun.

If you are bringing in games, contact me now to make arrangements.

And the following week. October 20th through 24. Pinball Expo

Friday night 10pm the LTG :) Show. A chance to party and have a blast.

Always exciting pinball events happening at SS Billiards. Stop in and join
the fun.
LTG :)

Lloyd also made a similar announcement on RGP. Below is a copy of that post.

With the Labor Day weekend here, I want to wish everyone a safe and great
holiday. If you are traveling, please be extra careful with the holiday

You still have time to visit Pinball On A Stick
at the Minnesota State Fair. Ends Monday night so get out there and enjoy
the greatest line up of pins at the fair ever.

Coming up Thursday September 9th at SS Billiards in Hopkins  is another exciting Crazy Joe Pinball Event at
7pm. Pizza Luce  for those in the event. and a
player organized pinball tournament after the pizza. Twin Cities Pinball
Enthusiasts  have Bunny's and SS Billiards on their
schedule for that evening.

At SS Billiards the Golden Tee Fore is back up and running with a new
monitor and Golden Tee Complete installed so you can not enjoy playing all
29 Golden Tee courses.
SS Billiards has the 38th Anniversary coming up September 20th. Because that
is a Monday, a little bigger celebration will be the weekend before or
after. Still working out the details. Announcements will be made so everyone
can plan to attend.

The Pinball Circus  on October 16th & 17th is
fast approaching. If you are bringing games to show or sell, anything
pinball related to show or sell, let me know now so I can plan room for you.

And don't forget Pinball Expo  the Granddaddy of all
pinball shows. The LTG :) show will be back Friday night at 10pm. A great
time to have fun and win some neat stuff.

SS Billiards is open 80 hours a week for your pinball enjoyment.  LTG :)


Lloyd's arcade was left as normal.


Lloyd ordered pork ribs from Famous Dave’s. The food arrived at very close to 6pm. Both Dan and Mancow brought in potato salad.


Because this was a free party, there were no tickets.


As reported earlier in this article, Dave ran a double-elimination tournament which had a winner’s and a loser’s bracket. The tournament was luck of the draw; where each of the players drew the names of both their games and competitors.

Drawings for the pinball tournament started at about 7:20pm. The tournament itself started at about 7:30pm and finished at about 12:10am.

Competitors played their games in the order they were drawn. Contestants decided player order by: rock-paper-scissors, flip-of-a-coin, or by asking Lloyd.

When Lloyd was asked anything about the pinball tournament he responded, “I don’t know … ask Dave.”

A few of the contestants drawing their games and competitors

Unlike the previous anniversary party, all of Lloyd’s games were available and on coin-play both before and during the tournament.

A practice round
A practice round

More quarters, please!
More quarters, please!

The first competition round
The first competition round

Two stragglers competing against each other
Two stragglers competing against each other

Some “Joker”
Some “Joker”

Keep’n warm between rounds
Keep’n warm between rounds

Play’n just for the fun of it
Play’n just for the fun of it

Dan put up Grand Champion during the tournament!

Oh where oh where has the little ball gone?
Oh where oh where has the little ball gone?

Competing later into the night
Competing late into the night

There’s that “Joker again”
There’s that “Joker again”

The last competition round
The last competition round


There were three winners this year.

Marlowe (AKA: “Mancow”) took the consolation bracket; winning $50!
Marlowe (AKA: “Mancow”) took the consolation bracket; winning $50!

Jordan took second place; winning $50!
Jordan took second place; winning $50!

John took first place; winning $100!
John took first place; winning $100!


All pictures are property of SS Billiards and are used with permission courtesy of LTG.

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