Todd "PinTed" Andersen, president of the TCFPA reports.


The most common bit of feedback that I’ve received from the previous TCFPA tournament write-ups that “Pinball News” has been kind enough to host is that; I have not given enough pictures of specific events and people in the tournaments. In response, I have made a conscious effort to provide that information via links. I invite you to click the links: find out about our sponsors, discover some of the games we played, and see some of the people involved in this tournament. As most of you weren’t at the tournaments, the links also provide a way for you to see and purchase some of the prizes that were awarded.

The TCFPA had its year-end tournaments on Saturday, February 12th, 2005. The tournaments were held at SS Billiards (Lloyd's) in Hopkins, MN, USA. These tournaments were held much like last year’s tournaments.

The sign above SS Billiards (AKA Lloyd’s)

Having the 2004 tournament in 2005 caused a little consternation for “TheKorn”; who gave me some good-natured ribbing.

The high score tournament lasted all day, with open registration from 12:00 PM till 12:00 AM. Registration was $5.00 per attempt. Players were allowed unlimited chances to get the highest score on the guest pin. But, they had to register for each try.

Registration for the double elimination tournament, on Lloyd’s over twenty pinball machines, was $5.00 per person. Open registration for the double elimination tournament started at 5:00 PM and ended at 6:00 PM. It took about 13 - hours to get all 22 - contestants through the double elimination tournament.

At the same time the two TCFPA tournaments were going on, there were also two one-day ToPS tournaments on Lloyd’s “Lord of the Rings” and new “Elvis” pinball machines.

For those of you who are keeping track, yes, there were four pinball tournaments, in the same place, at the same time. The TCFPA is lucky to have such a place to call home.

Before I give you all of the details of the tournament, like to thank everyone who competed. I’d especially like to thank the TCFPA'ers.

I’d also like to thank those who helped make the tournament a success.

First off, my special thanks go to Lloyd, of SS Billiards and Pinball Circus fame,, for allowing us to get in the way of his regular pool players. Besides being a generous host, Lloyd also donated the pinball plastic that everyone who registered for either TCFPA tournaments received. This plastic was just one of the free give-aways for the night.

My thanks goes to Peters Billiards for providing the guest pin for the high score tournament. They also generously donated the starting jackpot for this tournament.

It’s my honor to thank someone whom we all know, Martin, of " Pinball News". Martin donated flyers, plastics, and a cool one-of-a-kind PBN T-shirt. I’d also like to thank Martin for listing and publishing the coverage of this event.

I'd like to thank Kevin Ketchum, of "K & K Amusement – Classic Arcade". He also donated cool pinball shirts.

I'd like to thank the Expo Chairman of several pinball expos, Mike Pacak, for donating: flyers, plastics, translights and the grand prize.

I'd like to thank “Stern Pinball”, especially Joe Blackwell, for donating: flyers, and translights. And, thanks to Marc Schoenberg for listing this event on the “Stern” site.

My thanks goes out to Louis Koziarz, of "Pat Lawlor Design, Inc.", for previously donating flyers and whitewood artwork for ‘RBIoN’.


Thank you, Roger, of “Crow River Trading Company ” for donating several prizes for this event. Roger donated the bumper cap night-lights and the copies of the 7th addition of “ Larry Bieza's Pinball Price Guide ”.

Thank you, Tim, of “GameRoom Magazine” for donating flyers, magazines and another cool pinball shirt.

Thank you, Jim, of “Pin Game Journal” for donating flyers, magazines, and plastics

Thanks to Daina, “Mr. Pinball” and Ken the “Pinball Rebel” for listing this event on your world famous web sites.

I thank Steve, whom you all know as “Big Daddy”, for donating some parts needed to get one of the games ready for the tournaments.

And, finally, I’d like to thank Pinball Renaissance – TCFPA for providing the trophies for the winners and for sponsoring some high score attempts.

Due to the help of all these people, we had a successful day.


Even though the events didn’t start until 12:00 PM, pin-heads were busting down the door to get into Lloyd’s and start the TCFPA 2004 year-end tournaments, at 11:30 AM.

Pictured, most of the over half a dozen players who “rushed” the door to get in early.


Everyone who registered for either of the two TCFPA events received a collectable plastic from “The Addams Family”.

This is the plastic that anyone who registered for either TCFPA tournament received.

Kevin P. was the first one to sign up. He was rewarded for his early efforts by getting an OEM NOS “The Simpsons Pinball Party” translight and two “Simpsons” flyers. Kevin was shy and didn’t want his picture taken. And, I respected that.


Pictured are some of the people who won randomly drawn prizes.

Though not pat of the tournaments, pinball prize drawings were held throughout the day.

Clock-wise from the upper-left are just a few of the winners:

Chris F, on “Bride” who won the drawing for a “Bride of Pin·Bot” plastic.

Chris also won the 6th addition of “Larry Bieza’s Pinball Price Guide”.

David S won a “GameRoom Magazine” that featured “Elvis” and an “Elvis” flyer.

Mike S, the first to the loser’s side of the bracket, won a “Dr. Who” plastic.

The first person totally out, John K, won a “Twilight Zone” plastic.

Christine K won a VHS copy of “The History of Pinball”.

Jeff K won a “GameRoom Magazine” that featured “Lord of the Rings” and that flyer.

And Kevin D won the drawing for a “Judge Dredd” 3-D stand-up.


The high score tournament was held on “Bride of Pin · Bot” and was the first tournament to finish. Competition on this pin started at 12:00 PM and was continuous through the end of the night, 12:00 AM.

Dan C “rock’en” the bride.


Some of the highlights of the high score tournament were:

This tournament had 17 - competitors who made total of 65 - attempts during the day.

Kevin P put up the high score of 15+ M within the ten minuets.

Dan D bested that score buy getting 17+ M within the next hour.

Kevin P bested Dan’s highest score, by getting 23+ M within the following half hour.

Dan D came back wit a big 2.023+ B later that day.

Dan remained highest score earner for over four hours while David’s S made several attempts. David had the best attempt. He scored an unbeatable 2.042+ B points.

Picture of the proud high score tournament winner, David S.

As high score winner David took home:

The donated $100.00 seed plus a majority of the collected registration fees, $425.00 total.

TCFPA High Score Trophy

Choice of OEM NOS “Stern” translight. He chose “Ripley's Believe it or not! ® ”.

7th addition of “ Larry Bieza's Pinball Price Guide ”.

First choice of bumper cap night light. He chose “Xenon”.

Choice of T-shirt. He chose the one-of-a-kind "Pinball News" shirt.

Choice of a back issue of the “GameRoom Magazine”. He chose Vol 16 #11, November 2004.


The double elimination tournament was the last to finish. This was probably due to the fact that though we had use of about 20 of Lloyd’s machines, several of the 22 - contestants played single rounds that lasted over 30 or 45 - minuets. Registration for this tournament started at 5:00 PM. Competition started at 6:00 PM and ended at 1:00 AM.


Some of the highlights of the double elimination tournament were:

Bowen Kerins joined us all the way from Boston , MA , USA . You may know Bowen from PAPA or one of his pinball rulesheets.

Nick F, one of our own local champions had two “buys”.

Al W started the tournament unpracticed and made it to the finals.


Bowen, pictured left, easily took first place.

Our guest from Boston, the first place winner, took home:

The $100.00 seed plus a majority of the collected registration fees, $160.00 total.

TCFPA Double Elimination Tournament First Place Trophy.

2004 TCFPA Double Elimination Bracket.

First choice of: “Godzilla” translight with accompanying flyer, “Jurassic Park – The Lost World” translight with both “Jurassic Park” flyers, “Twister” translight with flyer, or "Pat Lawlor Design, Inc. " – PLD original artwork for the “ Ripley's Believe it or Not ” playfield and a signed RBioN flyer. Bowen Chose “ Godzilla”.

7th addition of “Larry Bieza's Pinball Price Guide”.

Second choice of bumper cap nigh light. He chose the 1970's style WMS 100 point.

Second choice of T-shirt. He chose a “ Game On” T-shirt from " K & K Amusement – Classic Arcade".

Second choice of a back issue of the “ Pin Game Journal”. He chose Issue #100, October 2003.

I saved the best for last. The winner also received a voucher for one complete admission package to Pinball Expo 2005!


Kevin D showing his 2nd place 2004 TCFPA year-end double elimination trophy.

Though Kevin D ran around telling everyone how easy it was to compete in the tournament, he only took second place. As second place winner he took home:

The $50.00 seed plus a lesser majority of the collected registration fees, $100.00 total.

TCFPA Double Elimination Tournament Second Place Trophy.

Third choice of: translights with accompanying flyers or Pat Lawlor Design – PLD signed original artwork and a signed RBioN flyer. He chose the “Twister ” translight and flyer.

7th addition of “ Larry Bieza's Pinball Price Guide ”.

Third choice of T-shirt. He chose the custom “ Ten Strike ” T-shirt from “ GameRoom Magazine ” and also received a one-sided full color copy of the flyer.

Next choice of a back issue of the “ Pin Game Journal ”. He chose Issue #96, January 2003.

Along with his choice of back issue, he won a free year’s subscription to the magazine!


After over 6 – straight hours of competition you can see that Al W is happy with his very respectable 3rd place.

Al W gladly took third place. As third place winner he took home:

The $25.00 seed plus a minority of the collected registration fees, $50.00 total.

TCFPA Double Elimination Tournament Third Place Trophy.

Last choice of art or translight. He chose "Pat Lawlor Design, Inc." – PLD original artwork for the “Ripley's Believe it or Not” playfield and a signed RBioN flyer.

7th addition of “Larry Bieza's Pinball Price Guide”.

Last choice of T-shirt. He chose a “Pinball At The Zoo” T-shirt from "K & K Amusement – Classic Arcade".

Last choice of a back issue of the “Pin Game Journal”. He chose Issue #103, March 2004.

Just for the TCFPA, Lloyd ran a one day high score tournament on both of his ToPS games, “Elvis” and “Lord of the Rings”.


I didn’t run these tournaments; they were Lloyd’s. So, I only have one funny detail to share. Even though I was too busy running the TCFPA tournaments to play in Lloyd’s tournaments, I had second place with a respectable 133+ M on Lord of the Rings for most of the day.


Though this was one of Lloyd’s tournaments, the top place winner was awarded a set of “Elvis” flyers from the TCFPA.

For “Elvis” the winners were:

1st Place went to Derek F, who won $25.75.

2nd Place went to Dave S, which won him $10.50.

3rd Place went to Dave S, which won him another $7.75.

4th Place also went to Dave S, which won him yet another $5.25.

And lastly, 5th place went again to Dave S, giving him a final $2.50.


Though this tournament was not part of the TCFPA tournaments, the TCFPA gave the top place winner a set of “Lord of the Rings” flyers.

For “Lord of the Rings” the winners were:

Besides winning the 2004 TCFPA year-end tournament, Bowen won 1st Place and $15.75 in this one-day ToPS tournament.

Terry C took 2nd Place and earned $6.00.

Terry C also took 3rd Place and another $4.00.

The next winner, 4th Place, went to Derek F. Derek earned $3.00 for his efforts.

And finally, Nick F took 5th Place and $1.50.

My congratulations to the winners and my thanks to everyone who attended or contributed.

Todd "PinTed" Andersen
[email protected]
President – TCFPA

"All we need is one good ball."

All pictures courtesy of Pinball Renaissance - TCFPA. All pictures taken with a Sony 3.3 mega-pixel MVC-CD300 digital still camera set to take fine pitch JPGs in: auto, inside, micro mode.



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