May 13, 2005

Many thanks to Pascal Villedieu for the details and pictures and Ad Jonker for game details.

The weekend of 30th April and 1st May saw the annual Rock and Brock Years show at the Parc des Expositions in the French town of Vierzon.

This was the 14th annual show. There is usually a special display of some description and this year it comprised of a range of Bally 6-digit display games organised by JR Karr and D. Fruleux (alias Dr Pinball).

From Freedom to Viking taking in Mata Hari, Evel Knievel and Voltan, there were 26 of these Bally classics set up on free play for the visitors.

The games were brought by around 20 individual collectors who took part in a tournament to win a Silverball Mania game donated by Mr Karr. The winner was T. Delisle.

But this show is all about nostalgia so unlike other events, you won't find lines of 1990s dot matrix games but you do get the chance to play games you'd rarely see outside private collectors' homes.

Here is a taster of some of the games at the show:

Gtb Gaucho x 2
Gtb Far Out x 2
Bly Boomerang
Bly Flash Gordon x 2
Bly Rolling Stones
Wms Pat Hand
Wms Lucky Strike
Gtb Count Down x 3
Stern Galaxy
Bly Startrek
Gtb Target Alpha
Gtb Airport
Wms Jolly Roger x 2
Gtb Roller Disco
Bly Gold Ball
Gtb Deadly Weapon
Stern Cheetah
Bly Future Spa x 2
Bly Night Rider (EE) x 2
Gtb Charlie's Angels
Gtb TX Sector
Gtb Pink Panther x 3
Bly Mata Hari
Bly Lost World x 2
Wms Magic City
Bly Eight Ball x 2
Gtb Big House
Wms Whirlwind
Bly Medusa
Gtb Robowar x 2
Gtb Royal Flush x 3
Gtb Pinball Pool x 2
DE Phantom of the Opera x 2
Gtb Southern Belle (woodrail)
Wms Reno (woodrail)
Gtb Totem x 3
Gtb Q Bert's Quest
Bly Space Invaders
Gtb Solar Ride
Gtb Dragon x 2
Gtb Force II
Gtb Devil's Dare
Gtb Mars, God of wars
Gtb Volcano x 2
Gtb Caveman
Chicago Coin Thing (woodrail)
Gtb Oklahoma (woodrail)
Gtb Cue Ball Wizard x 2
Gtb Rock
Gtb Orbit
Stern Ali
Euroflip Criterium 75
Euroflip Space Race
Gtb Punk
Playmatic Black Flag
Gtb High Hand
Wms Time Warp
Genco's Screwball (woodrail)
Gtb King Arthur x 2 (woodrail)
Wms Stardust
Wms Honey
Gtb Barnacle Bill (woodrail 1948)
Gtb Telecard
DE Star Wars x 2
Gtb Tropic Isle x 2
Christian T. L'Hexagone
Christian T. Le Grand 8
Gtb Hi Score
Gtb World Fair
Gtb Spin Wheel
Wms Gold Rush
Wms F-14 Tomcat
Wms Road Kings
Gtb Flying Carpets
Gtb Bank-a-Ball
Bly Mariner
Wms Fan-tas-tic
Wms Hot Line
Midway's Race Way (1200 Euro)
Bly Dr. Who
Bly The Addams Family
Bly Strikes and Spares
Gtb Black Hole
Gtb Monte Carlo
Wms Jokerz
Wms Red & Ted's Roadshow
Gtb Bad Girls
Gtb Buck Rogers
Gtb Panthera
Gtb Jet Spin
Gtb Sheriff
Wms Big Guns
Wms Fish Tales
Gtb Excalibur
Wms Star Pool
Wms Dirty Harry
Gtb Jacks to Open
Gtb Niagara (woodrail)
Gtb Super Soccer
Gtb Diamond Lady
Bly Fathom
Wms Skylab
Bly Monte Carlo (1964)
Bly Twilight Zone
Gtb Cactus Jacks
Gtb Bounty Hunter
Bly Freedom
Bly Evel Knievel
Bly Power Play
Bly Mata Hari
Bly Black Jack
Bly Lost World
Bly Playboy
Bly Voltan
Bly Supersonic
Bly Star Trek
Bly Kiss
Bly Paragon
Bly Harlem Globetrotters
Bly Dolly Parton
Bly Future Spa
Bly Nitro Ground Shaker
Bly Silverball Mania
Bly Space Invaders
Bly Rolling Stones
Bly Mystic
Bly Hotdoggin'
Bly Viking
Gtb Hollywood Heat

In fact out of the almost 150 games at the show only 11 had dot matrix displays. Most of the games were also for sale.

There were also some stands selling pinball parts, flyers and backglasses plus all the other non-pinball elements to the show such as the jukeboxes, records, memorabilia and a display of American cars and Harley Davidsons.

This year's show was again very well attended and continues to be a showcase for the French collectors' love of pinball across the ages.



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