Date: 12th & 13th October 2007
Location: Horticultural Hall, York Fairgrounds, York, Pennsylvania, USA.

The White Rose Gameroom Show - aka The York Show - is an event that keeps its homely, local feel despite having grown larger than many national shows.

The Horticultural Hall - venue for the show

This year proved to be no exception as 159 pinball machines were set up for visitors to enjoy along with 28 video games, 4 bingos, a shuffle alley and a bowler. Pinball News took a break from PAPA to make the four hour drive across Pennsylvania to York County Fairgrounds and the Horticultural hall. Initial signs were good as the car park was already full and overflowing onto the surrounding grass.

But before we venture inside the hall, there was the flea market to look at outside which seemed a little larger and busier than usual - possibly aided by the good weather on Friday.

Plenty of miscellaneous parts in the flea market

On entering the hall and paying the $15 entrance fee, visitors received a raffle ticket which they needed to drop into the organisers' box at the back of the hall to qualify for one of the raffle prizes drawn at intervals throughout both days and posted on a white board. Prizes included t-shirts, mugs and translites.

The show organisers' desk

As usual, there was a large number of pinball machines set up in spacious rows and mixed with a smattering of video games, bingos and other amusement machines. There was a broad range of pinball machines including many EM and early solid state models to complement the newer dot matrix machines including the current production machine Spider-Man.

Here's the full list of machines set up by late Friday afternoon - the first day of the show. Later in the day, some of these had been sold and removed but there were further machines expected on Saturday morning, so the numbers should be roughly correct for the second day too.

Pinball Machine List

3 Jokers
Air Aces
Austin Powers
Bad Cats
Batman Forever
Big House
Big Hurt*
Big Indian
Black Jack
Blast Off
Bone Busters
Bowling Queen
Capt. Card
Champion Pub
Champion Pub
Cirqus Voltaire
Demolition Man
Doodle Bug
Dr Dude
Eight Ball Deluxe LE*
Escape From The Lost World
F-14 Tomcat
Flip Flop
Flipper Cowboy
Flipper Parade
Flying Circus
Future Spa
Game Show
Gold Ball
Golden Arrow
Grand Prix (Williams)
Haunted House
High Speed
High Speed
Hollywood Heat*
Hot Line
Independence Day*
Jack In The Box
Johnny Mnemonic
Jungle Lord
Jurassic Park
King Pin (Gottlieb)
Lethal Weapon 3
Liberty Bell*
Magic City
Mario Andretti
Mata Hari
Mata Hari
Middle Earth
Miss Annabelle
Mousin' Around
NBA Fastbreak
NFL Eagles*
No Fear
Playboy (Bally)
Playboy (Stern)
Police Force
Rack 'Em Up
Road Kings
Robo War
San Francisco
Scared Stiff
Sharkey's Shootout
Sharkey's Shootout
Ship Ahoy
Sing Along
Six Million Dollar Man
Six Million Dollar Man
Sky Kings
Snow Derby
Solar City
South Park
Space Time
Spider-Man (Gottlieb)
Spider-Man (Stern)
Spider-Man (Stern)
Spring Break
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek (Bally)
Star Wars Trilogy
Star Wars Trilogy
Starship Troopers
Stellar Wars*
Stock Car
Strange Science
Striker Xtreme
Strikes And Spares
Sure Shot
Swing Time
Swords Of Fury
Teed Off
Teed Off
Teed Off
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Terminator 2
The Addams Family
The Addams Family
The Flintstones
The Simpsons Pinball Party
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Top Score*
Travel Time
Travel Time
Tri Zone
Triple Strike*
Twilight Zone
World Cup
World Cup Soccer
World Cup Soccer

* indicates machine was not working at the time the list was made on Friday afternoon. It may have subsequently been repaired.

A few of the pinball machines at the show

Video Game List

Capcom Bowling
Golden Axe
Golden Tee Fore
Mad Dog II
Max Touch
Metal Slug 2
Ms Pac-Man
Ms Pac-Man
Multi Game
Neo Geo - 2 games
Pinball Video
San Francisco Rush - 2 seater
Tekken 3
The Simpsons
Trophy Hunting
World Cup

Some of the video games at the show

Bingo Machine List

Golden Gate
Single Coin
Yacht Club

Steve Smith and Jeffrey Lawton a.k.a. Mr Bingo at two of the bingo machines


Strike Master

Shuffle Alley

Shuffle Inn

More of the machines at the show

Vendor List

Auction Game Sales
Breweriana Sales
Dr Pinball
Illinois Pinball
Jimmy Rosen
Let's Play Pinball
M & P Amusement
Mayfair Amusements
Mr Amusement
Nighthawk Games
Official Reproduction Backglasses
Pinball Barn
Pinball Parts Plus
Rec Room Specialties
STR Industries

Parts for sale at Illinois Pin Ball Co's stand

Street and gameroom signs at Mr Amusement's stand

There were two tournaments held on Friday - the Mechanical Pinball Tournament and the Ladies Pinball Tournament. All tournaments were free to enter and limited to one entry per person.

The Mechanical Pinball Tournament was played on Bruce Moyer's Gottlieb Snow Derby beginning at 4pm and the result is shown below.

Mechanical Pinball Tournament
1st - Cliff Colbert
2nd - Brandon Spencer
3rd - Pete Haduch

The Ladies Pinball Tournament took place next at 6pm and was run on Rick Mason's Robo War machine by Gottlieb. The top places went to:

Ladies Pinball Tournament
1st - Michele Santa Barbara
2nd - Charlotte Ross
3rd - Shannon Townsend

On Saturday there were three more tournaments - the Electronic, the Kids and the Doubles. The Doubles started first at midday, played on the same Gottlieb Robo War used for the Ladies Tournament above. The top three were all family teams with the Rumbolds taking first place, the Gardners second and the Ciceros third.

Doubles Pinball Tournament
1st - John Rumbold & Rob Rumbold
2nd - Chuck Gardner & Casey Gardner
3rd - Mike Cicero & Dave Cicero

The next tournament in the programme at 1pm was the Kids Only event played on Jim Palson's Stars machine by Stern. For this tournament, the top four finishers won prizes.

Kids Only Pinball Tournament
1st - Benson Powell
2nd - Jacob Smith
3rd - Renee Eisenberg
4th - Katie Rumbold

Finally, the Electronic Tournament at 3pm took a slightly different format. It was played on Stern's latest machine - Spider-Man - but instead of just one machine there were two provided by MD's Pinball Palace. Having two machines meant the queue to play was greatly reduced and more people had the chance to compete.

The two Spider-Man machines used in the Electronic Tournament

In the end it was Anthony Frasca who came out the winner when the tournament closed.

Electronic Pinball Tournament
1st - Anthony Frasca
2nd - Jim Buschmeier
3rd - Jacob Smith

The show closed at 6pm on Saturday when it was time to pack everything away and start the journey home.

It was a shame PAPA 10 was on the same weekend as the White Rose Gameroom Show but in truth it was only the semi-serious players who suffered since the two events appeal to different ends of the pinball spectrum. Those who live for the competitive element probably wouldn't find the show in York to their tastes, since the tournaments are a much lesser part of the overall mix than they are used to. Conversely, the collectors, restorers and enthusiasts wouldn't find too much at PAPA to hold their interest. And in the end, if you were that interested in pinball, the shows were only four hours' drive apart.

So another White Rose Gameroom Show had come and gone. It continues to be a successful mix of interesting games to play, parts and accessories to buy, tournaments to play and the cornucopia that is the flea market. Suggestions for next year would be to reduce the lighting level in the central play area and boost the PA volume or make more frequent announcements about the tournaments and prize draws since it was all too easy to miss them.

But congratulations to all involved in the show, especially organisers Marlin Barshinger and Eric Selak for another successful year.

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