Date: October 10th & 11th 2008
Location: Horticultural Hall, York County Fairgrounds, Carlisle Road, York, PA, USA.

The White Rose Gameroom Show was back in it's familiar surroundings of the Horticultural Hall at the State Fairgrounds in York, Pennsylvania and held this year on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th October.

The Horticultural Hall
The Horticultural Hall

Despite earlier forecasts of rain, both days were beautifully sunny and warm, making one of the highlights of the event all the more attractive.

The Flea Market
The Flea Market

The outdoors flea market is a traditional place to pick up all kinds of pinball and arcade bric-a-brac, ranging from complete games to the smallest plastics.

Some of the items for sale
Some of the items for sale

Our trip to York meant we didn't arrive until mid-afternoon on Friday but the flea market was still in full swing and it continued until darkness began to descend.  Saturday's turnout looked to be even greater with some new vendors and replenished stock for the returnees.

Items for sale
More items for sale

There were some very tempting bargains although the prospect of squeezing a $500 Striker Xtreme into the overhead bin on the plane ruled out that particular deal, but there were plenty of others of a more manageable size including translites, flyers and even those stop signs Red holds up on the Roadshow backglass.

Games for sale
Games for sale

To give you more of a flavour of the deals on offer, we have included one of our exclusive Three Minute Tours of the flea market.  You can take a look by clicking on the image below

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While the flea market was in full swing outside, the main show was getting underway inside the Horticultural Hall. 

Inside the hall
Inside the hall

Entry to this cost $15 a day, or there was an advance purchase ticket for both days which saved $5. Entry also included a prize draw ticket which was deposited in a tub at the back of the hall for inclusion in both the regular door prize draws which took place throughout both days, and the main draw for a Gottlieb Gold Wings held near the end of the show at 5pm on Saturday.

The main prize in the draw
The main prize in the draw

From first impressions it appeared there were significantly fewer machines present this year compared to last but in fact, after making a list of all the games on the floor on Friday evening, the numbers are very close.

In 2007 there were 159 while this year there were 153, so initial impressions can be deceptive. 

The show floor
The show floor

Here's the list of machines set up for public play this year.  As ever, games were sold and new ones brought in throughout the show so this is only a snapshot of what was available on Friday evening.  Some additional games on vendors' stands were not set on free play and are not included here.

Ace High
Austin Powers
Big Daddy*
Big Valley
Black Jack
Bobby Orr Power Play
Bram Stoker's Dracula x 2
Bram Stoker's Dracula*
Creature From The
Black Lagoon x 2
Diner x 3
Doctor Who*
Dolly Parton*
Eight Ball Champ
F-14 Tomcat
Firepower x 2
Fish Tales
Flight 2000
Flip Flop
Flipper Parade
Free Fall
Gold Star
Gorgar x 2
Grand Lizard
Grand Prix (Williams)
Harley Davidson (Stern)
Haunted House
High Hand
High Roller Casino
Hurdy Gurdy*
Jig Saw
Joker Poker x 2
Jokerz x 2
Jolly Park
Judge Dredd
Lady Luck
Laser War
Last Action Hero*
Loop The Loop
Lord Of The Rings x 2
Lost World
Lucky Strike
Mary Shelley's
NBA Fastbreak
Night Moves
Night Rider x 2
No Good Gofers
Old Chicago
Olympic Hockey
Palace Guard
Pinball (Stern)
Pinball Magic
Pinball Pool x 2
Pioneer x 2
Queen Of Diamonds x 2
Rescue 911
Robo Wars
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Rollercoaster Tycoon x 3
Scared Stiff
Sky Kings
Slug Fest*
Solar City
Solar Fire
South Park x 2
Space Invaders
Space Jam
Space Mission x 2
Star Trek (Bally)
Strikes And Spares
Tales From The Crypt
Taxi x 3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Terminator 2 x 2
Terminator 3
The Addams Family
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Theatre Of Magic
Time Machine*
Tournament Deluxe*
Triple Strike
Viper Night Driving
Virtual Pinball (TAB)
Wheel Of Fortune
Whitewater x 2
Wing Ding
World Cup Soccer x 2
* indicates machine was not working at the time the list was made

Some of the newer machines
Some of the newer machines

There were also two bingo machines brought by Jeffrey Lawton - Sea Island and Malibu Beach - who was on hand to advise visitors about how to play them. 

The bingo machines
The bingo machines

In addition, there was this Williams Gold Mine bowler.

Gold Mine by Williams
Gold Mine by Williams

These were joined by a number of video games:

Megatouch Max x 2
Centipede cocktail
Area 51
Capcom vs SNK
Sun Set Riders
Ms Pac-Man/Galaga
Megatouch Tournament
Daytona 2-seater
Time Crisis II
Beach Head 2002
Crazy Taxi
Golden Axe - The Revenge of Death Adder
Galaga cocktail
Multicade x 3

As usual, there was a good selection of vendors at the show including many familiar faces.  These are the ones who were readily identifiable:

Arcade Game Sale & Auction
BC's Pinball Amusements
Free Play Entertainment
Let's Play Pinball
M & P Amusement
Mayfair Amusements
Nighthawk Games
Old Sled Works
Pinball Parts Plus
Rec Room Specialties
Silverball Express
The Collectibles Store

Mayfair's extensive display
Mayfair's extensive display

One of the newest products on display was this bare wood Williams WPC-style cabinet from Let's Play Pinball.

New pinball cabinet from Let's Play Pinball
New pinball cabinet from Let's Play Pinball

The cabinets and heads are available either complete or as individual parts, with or without various fittings and can also be supplied with new cabinet decals applied.  Prices range from $750 for the basic bare cabinet and head up to $1300 for a fully finished one with your own decals fitted.

There was a good selection of pinball parts available along with the usual neon signs, brewing and bar collectibles, slot machines, LEDs, playfields and translites.

More pinball goodies for sale
More pinball goodies for sale

Jimmy Rosen of The Old Sled works was showing a few interesting pieces including two upright shaker pinball machines and this pre-war mechanical payout machine from 1931.

The Stevo-Ball from 1931
The Stevo-Ball from 1931

You can take a look around the hall yourself with our exclusive Three Minute Tour.  Just click on the image below to play the video.

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A number of pinball tournaments were also held across both days.  On Friday there was a mechanical pinball tournament and a ladies' tournament while on Saturday there was a split-flipper, a kids and an electronic pinball tournament.

Players in the mechanical pinball tournament
Players in the mechanical pinball tournament

Sadly, we had to fly out before these tournaments were all completed, but here are the results of all five competitions.

Mechanical Tournament
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
Chris Orndorff
Martin Ayub
Jake Smith

Ladies Tournament
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
Beth Cicero
Charlotte Ross
Rebecca Schleider

Doubles Tournament
1st -
2nd -
Doug Venner & Beth Venner
Don Owen & Caidon Owen

Kids-Only Tournament
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
4th -
Stephanie Cheung
Caidon Owen
Stephen Haduch
Monica Seacord

Electronic Tournament
1st -
2nd -
Steven Seacord
Justin Bath

The White Rose Gameroom Show still maintains that friendly, less hectic feeling, allowing visitors to explore the games, the flea market and the vendors' offerings at their own pace.  Even the tournaments have a laid-back, casual feel where anyone wandering up as the last games are played, still has the chance to try their luck.  Each tournament, like the flea market, is free to enter.

Players of all ages enjoy the games
Players enjoying the games

By holding the show on a Friday and Saturday, rather than the more usual Saturday/Sunday means there is less of a rush to clear away games and pack up stalls on the second day.  Several shows are denuded by mid-afternoon of their closing day but because the day after the White Rose show is a Sunday, there's no rush out of the hall as the close approaches.  Having more time also encourages more conversations with fellow visitors, turning the show into as much a social event as a game-playing one.

As ever, there are always a few improvements possible.  The overhead lighting causes many reflections on the games in the hall.  It may not be possible to selectively switch groups of lights on and off in order to keep the vendor stands well lit but it does cause some problems when playing.  Secondly, the public address system is virtually inaudible much of the time and doesn't extend into the flea market or outside the hall where many of the visitors congregate, causing them to miss the announcements about special events or tournaments starting.

Other than those minor issues though, the White Rose Gameroom Show continues to provide an excellent selection of machines, well maintained and many interesting and rare games to enjoy.  Congratulations to the organisers Marlin and Eric, everyone who helped run the show, the vendors and all those who brought games and kept them maintained across the two days.


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