Date: 21st December, 2012

Stern Pinball today release the second of two videos showing the basics of gameplay on their Avengers model.  Both videos are available through the Stern website and feature game designer George Gomez describing the various characters and their features.

George Gomez describes the games rules
George Gomez describes the games rules

Today's video showed how the features on the Pro version of Avengers works, while the first - released the previous week - concentrated on the Limited Edition models.

Neither is exactly in-depth, but by watching both you get a good feel for the ideas contained within the game and how to start some of the features such as Loki Multiball.

Lock balls to start multiball
Lock balls to start Loki Multiball

Complete the Avenger's shots to light their insert
Complete the Avenger's shots to light their insert

You can watch the videos on the Stern Pinball website or:

Click here - for the Pro model video

Click here - for the Limited Edition video

Avenger LE models have already begin shipping with Pro models to follow. The game will get its European premiere at the EAG International show in London next month.

There's still no word on when (or if) the Premium model of Avengers will appear, the artwork included with it, or the price. As soon as we hear any more details we'll bring them straight to you.

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