Date: 6th May, 2011

Stern today announced details of the Limited Edition version of their upcoming Tron:Legacy game.

You've probably already seen our first pictures of the standard or 'Pro' version and, as expected, the LE version builds on that with the usual chrome trim on the side rails, backbox hinges, speaker panels and lock bar found, as found on earlier LE models.

The silver look isn't restricted to the exterior trim though.  The playfield artwork also includes a screened layer of silver paint not found on the Pro model.

Many potential buyers were calling for the use of electro-luminescent wire (EL wire) running along the ramps and wireforms to mimic the look of the Tron movie.  Stern have taken a different approach and are using optical fibre light tubes which use LEDs as the light source and distribute that light along their length.  This allows both the colour and intensity of the source light to be changed during gameplay, reacting to different modes and features.

The LE model also includes LEDs for some of the controlled lamps - something many home owners often choose to add themselves - and the light shows during the game are different to the base model as well.

The bottom apron, like the one in Avatar, is now made of metal and includes coloured insert panels which can be lit from beneath, while the slide rails under the playfield make a welcome return along with the traditional lock bar mechanism.

However, the LE version also differs in ways which directly affect the gameplay.

The biggest change is the addition of an extra playfield toy.  A motorised Recognizer vehicle now hovers above the motorised 3-bank of standups in front of the spinning disc.  It is capable of side-to-side movement and has new game rules to control it, along with additional lit playfield inserts associated with it.

The standup targets on the left side of the playfield are replaced by a 4-bank of drop targets and there are new rules for these, as well as extra modes in the game's software.

Stern expect to make four hundred of the Tron:Legacy Limited Edition models.  Each will be individually numbered with a plaque, a holographic sticker and a signed certificate of authenticity. 

The game will be manufactured in June and potential purchasers are advised to contact their distributors to reserve their individually numbered game.


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