Date: 15th November, 2011

The latest update from Jersey Jack Pinball brings us the first picture of the prototype cabinet complete with the finished artwork and the dark green trim.

The proto cabinet
The proto cabinet

Although the cabinet is based on a Williams design, the side rails include button protectors - a feature recently removed from Stern games.  It also doesn't include the plaque shown in our previous update although that will presumably only be fitted to the Emerald City Limited Edition versions of the game.

The backbox is also different, with six round cutouts at the top of the front.  Whether these are for speakers, to provide cooling for the LCD monitor inside, or a mixture of both we will have to wait to see.

The backbox
The backbox
(picture enhanced to show detail)

The playfield part of the image is what Jersey Jack Pinball describes as "computer generated", saying it is not the actual playfield artwork we will see in the game.

Nevertheless,it may provide some clues to what will end up in the game, so here it is for the purposes of speculation:

Not the playfield artwork
Not the playfield artwork
(enhanced to show detail)

A new team member was recently announced, or rather his identity was revealed.  Jean-Paul de Win is a graphic designer working in The Netherlands and he will be creating many of the animations and displays shown on the LCD screen.

Jean-Paul de Win
Jean-Paul de Win

Pinball News caught up with Jean-Paul at the recent Dutch Pinball Open, and although he remained tight-lipped about any of the specifics of his work for JJP, he certainly seemed to be enjoying working alongside Greg Freres.

This isn't the first time the two of them have worked together and it's not Jean-Paul's first taste of pinball design either, since Jean-Paul had been an intern at Williams working briefly on Wizard Blocks just as the company closed their pinball division.  After that, he continued the remainder of his internship at Midway Games, working under Greg.

Now, Jean-Paul is a freelance motion graphic designer in the Dutch TV industry, and recently started his own company.  You can see some of his work on his website.

He said, "I really appreciate Jack's courage to hire somebody on the other side of the ocean. Skype & internet enables me to work closely with Greg and the team and now I can finally work in pinball and fulfil my ambition of working in the industry. It's a great honour to be the first LCD-artist for a pinball machine, thanks to Jack!"

Jack Guarnieri replied, "We are thrilled with what JP has produced for us so far. He is an extremely talented individual who is going to help us take Pinball to the next level."


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