Welcome to the start of our coverage of the first ever game from Jersey Jack Pinball - The Wizard of Oz.

Backglass and monitor artwork
Backglass and monitor artwork

We've been covering all the latest news as Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) release more details of the game's development ahead of its expected launch at the end of 2012.  Now we're bringing all that news together in one place.

Today, we bring you (starting with the newest):

NEW: Click here - Part One of our In-Depth Review of The Wizard of Oz

Click here - New 75th Anniversary Limited Edition model

Click here - New team member and peek at The Hobbit's playfield

Click here - The first production games ship

Click here - Production begins, plus The Hobbit music news

Click here - Another video, EMC testing passed and predicted shipping date

Click here - The Wizard of Oz at EAG International

Click here - The UK launch party for The Wizard of Oz

Click here - The crystal ball toy revealed plus IAAPA show pictures

Click here - Exclusive tour around the JJP factory and inside the game

Click here - Exclusive gameplay video and set up pictures from PPE 2012

Click here - Enhanced video released with extra material

Click here - Gameplay video released

Click here - Playfield RGB lighting effects

Click here - More factory pictures and a new video of the dashboard

Click here - More E3 show coverage, pictures and videos

Click here - First public showing of the game at the E3 show in LA

Click here - Full playfield pictures with artwork, plastics and moldings

Click here - New apron design revealed, plus new video animations

Click here - Playfield artwork revealed

Click here - New cabinets on the production line and a new music track

Click here - Three new videos and three new pictures in this update

Click here - Interview with Bertjan Postma, JJP distributor for much of Europe

Click here - Assembly line and under-playfield shots, plus new animation

Click here - New multiball animation and rainbow playfield plastic

Click here - First playfield artwork pictures and new JJP team member

Click here - Interview with Jean-Paul de Win, new animations and new music

Click here - New playfield inserts picture and BBC documentary

Click here - New design for Dorothy's house and the Throne Room

Click here - for the playfield inserts and cutouts layout

Click here - for the new proto cabinet pictures and a new team member

Click here - for the JJP team at the Pinball Expo with new pictures and video

Click here - for Jack at the Pacific Pinball Expo and full-colur cabinet artwork

Click here - for circuit board, state fair balloon and Trumper Bumper designs

Click here - for a the latest JJP The Wizard of Oz update

Click here - for a report of Jack's visit to the UK Pinball Party

Click here - for a video of the gameplay

Click here - New playfield pictures, a second music clip and a distributor list

Click here - for news of Bryan Hansen's joining and more development pictures

Click here - for Emerald City exclusive features and development pictures

Click here - for the complete playfield drawing and JJP's first distributors

Click here - for a look at the left side of the playfield drawing

Click here - for samples of all the remaining artwork and two mini-playfields

Click here - for Jack Guarnieri's talk at the NW Pinball & Gameroon Show 2011

Click here - for a sample of the backglass artwork

Click here - for Jack Guarnieri's talk at the Texas Pinball Festival 2011

Click here - for details of the second toy to be included in The Wizard of Oz

Click here - for details of the first toy to be included in The Wizard of Oz

Click here - for news of JJP's deal with Planetary Pinball Supply for game parts

Click here - for news of new team members and the first team meeting

Click here - for the first news of Jersey Jack Pinball's formation

We'll be back with much more about The Wizard of Oz over the coming days, weeks and months as JJP ramp up to production and release of their first title, so check back regularly to see our very latest reports.

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