Date: 21st March, 2012

This week's update takes us back into the New Jersey factory to see the cabinets and backboxes which have been produced and are waiting to go onto the production line to have their hardware fitted. In addition, we also get to hear another music track from Chris Granner.

We start in the factory with the game's backboxes.

The Wizard of Oz backboxes
The Wizard of Oz backboxes

What's interesting about the picture above is not the artwork, but the top section which is un-painted but does appear to be clear-coated, as does the rest of the backbox and the main cabinet.

Both versions of The Wizard of Oz will come with a backbox topper, and it will presumably cover the un-painted front edge as well as the top surface of the backbox.

A series of holes in that top panel are expected to provide access for power to the topper, and a means to secure the topper to the backbox.

You can see more of the backboxes at the factory in this video.

The Wizard of Oz backboxes

As you might have spotted in the video above, in another part of the factory we find a line of cabinets.

The Wizard of Oz cabinets
The Wizard of Oz cabinets

These have been sprayed black and had their decals applied, but do not yet include any of the expected hardware such as the coin door, front molding, earthing braid, flipper buttons or side rails.

The second new video gives a better look at these.

The Wizard of Oz cabinets

We can see the ventilation holes at the back of the cabinet and the power connector/outlet which appears to be centrally located.

The final new release this time brings us another clip of music from composer Chris Granner, the fifth to be revealed so far.

Chris's jaunty new track was created for the Munchkin Multiball mode, and you can listen to it by clicking on the player below.

Audio Click here to play the MP3 file, or right click to download it.
You can also use the player below to play it within this page.

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That's all from this latest update. We'll be back with much more news about The Wizard of Oz right here at Pinball News.


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