Date: 9th September, 2012

Progress reports from Jersey Jack Pinball have slowed to a trickle but this weekend a new video was released on Facebook which shows the game being played by Jack Guarnieri.

There is another, more complete video expected soon, but this clip shows us some of the shots in the game, the effects they produce on the LCD monitor, and the sound calls associated with them.

The game so far
The game so far

In addition, a very low scoring system appears to have been chosen - in keeping with games from the time when The Wizard of Oz is set, but a step-change from the millions and billions scored on recent games.

The lighting effects appear to permanently show the attract mode display and completing the R-A-I-N-B-O-W letters appeared to have no effect, suggesting the software is some way from being complete.

The crystal ball is also not illuminated, which has been the subject of much speculation with suggestions of a small video screen being refracted within the ball to create images inside.

Anyway, make your own mind up. Here's the video. It's also in available in high definition and full screen if you click the appropriate buttons along the bottom.

The Wizard of Oz being played

More will be revealed when The Wizard of Oz makes a public appearance at the Pacific Pinball Expo later this month, and of course Pinball News will be right there to bring you all the latest news.


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