Date: 10th July, 2011

The first 1,000 The Wizard of Oz machines to be produced have already been announced as being Emerald City Limited Edition models, but Jersey Jack Pinball today clarified some of the differences between these and the regular production version.

In an e-mail to potential buyers, Jack Guarnieri explained how each of the Emerald City machines will be individually numbered and come with a numbered plaque and hand-signed certificate of authenticity featuring signatures of the design team.

The games will receive a special finish to the metallic trim parts, such as the lock bar, the side rails, the hinges and the legs, and will also include a shaker motor pre-installed.  In addition, a specially-designed backbox topper will in fitted to the Emerald City machines.

Further enhancements to the Limited Edition version have now been confirmed to Pinball News.  Each machine will be fitted with non-glare glass and come with a set of leg protectors to avoid damage to the corners of the cabinet.  A goodie bag and a spare parts pack will be included as well, although the exact contents of both are still under discussion.

Jersey Jack Pinball also released some pictures of work on The Wizard of Oz so far.  The first shows the left outlane area with the State Fair Balloon bumper and the six K-A-N-S-A-S standup targets.

The bottom left corner of the whitewood playfield
The bottom left corner of the whitewood playfield

The second picture shows Matt Riesterer placing three of his models on the playfield layout.

Matt Riesterer with his jumping tree bumpers
Matt Riesterer with his jumping tree bumpers

These 'Jumper Trumpers' will fit on the Haunted Forest pop bumpers and be internally illuminated, as you can see in this early sculpted clay version.

One of the 'Jumper Trumpers'
One of the 'Jumper Trumpers'

Jersey Jack Pinball also announced they have pre-orders for more than 800 games with an international requests for 360 more.  With only 1,000 Emerald City games scheduled to be produced, some scaling back of orders is expected and some pre-orderers may drop out before the final deadline for committing to the purchase is reached, in order to hit that 1,000 total.

Finally, KingPin Games, Inc of Wisconsin have been added to the JJP distributor list, joining The Pinball Company in St. Louis and Abel Electronics of Michigan as US-based sellers of JJP products.

There'll be much more coming out of Jersey Jack Pinball as development work continues, and you can read all the very latest here at Pinball News.


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