Date: 29th July, 2011

News just keeps coming from the Jersey Jack Pinball design team and the latest update includes a picture of progress so far with the playfield.

The latest playfield picture
The latest playfield picture

We get the first look at a number of playfield components including the ruby slipper flippers with a glitter slipper motif on the top and orange rubbers, the rainbow-coloured standup bank, the upper right flipper, the crystal ball and the wicked witch mechanism, although these last two appear to have been added to the image electronically.

The flipper area
The flipper area

The central area of the playfield also appears to have been modified, perhaps to obscure some details which will be revealed at a later date.

At the other end of the playfield, we can see the two mini-playfields, the centre ramp, the upkicker and the pop bumper area.

The upper part of the playfield
The upper part of the playfield

The operation of the flying monkey feature on the back board has still not been revealed but it is now becoming clearer how many of the playfield features will function and which shots will be available in the game.

To squeeze in all the features and mini-playfields, Jersey Jack Pinball has revealed that the game will in fact be a wide-body model.  There had been speculation the two mini-playfields would require a Twiligh Zone-sized main playfield and now The Wizard of Oz looks set to be the first wide-bodied game produced since RoadShow in 1994.

Also released today was the game's second music clip created by Chris Granner.
Off To See The Wizard can be heard by clicking here.

Finally, Jack Guarnieri announced the addition of a tenth distributor to the company's network. Buddy Herron of Mountain Entertainment in Wise, Virginia joins the existing nine distributors to produce the list below.


  • Connecticut - Automated Services, Milford
  • Indiana - PinCades, Griffith
  • Michigan - Abel Electronics, St. Clair Shores
  • Missouri - The Pinball Company, Columbia
  • Texas - FUN Billiards, Mesquite
  • Texas - Joystix Entertainment, Houston
  • Virginia - Mountain Entertainment, Wise
  • Wisconsin - KingPin Games, North Freedom


  • Victoria - Bumper Action Amusements, South Melbourne


  • The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium - Ministry of Pinball, The Hague, The Netherlands


We'll have all the latest updates on The Wizard of Oz and the team at Jersey Jack Pinball right here at Pinball News.


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