Last time we looked at the preliminary picture of World Poker Tour but now thanks to TheKorn and the Chicago Pinball Mafia we can bring you pictures of the game on test in the Chicago suburbs.

As you can see, the artwork on the plastics, drop targets and backboard is not complete and so blank parts are used instead. It's also important to note how the game's software is far from complete too. Despite being on location, some display effects and the wizard modes are missing. In fact it's about 70% finished.

The cabinet artwork is the same as in the preliminary pictures as is the backglass but as it is not signed or includes the mandatory trademark information is probably not finalised yet either.

So that's the exterior of the game, let's move onto the playfield starting at the bottom left and working our way around in a clockwise direction.

The obligatory Special award returns to the outlanes.

Half the drop targets are on the left side of the game with four more in the centre and the final four on the right side. The skill is to hit individual targets rather than knocking them all down. We can probably expect stickers on these in the production version.

180 degree metal ramps require less space and keep the flow of the ball going.

The three shots on the left are the left loop, the left ramp and the left kicker lane which feeds the upper playfield.

The left lane feeds the top targets and pop bumpers.

The clear upper playfield dominates the top part of the game and plays an important role in the game rules.

The four centre drop targets.

The red standup targets above the pop bumpers are hit by pop kicks and have blue LEDs indicators to show progress towards completion.

The LEDs and pops can be seen through the upper playfield. It's here where much of the action takes place.

The centre gap between the white standups is used to lock a ball for multiball. It is initially blocked like a vault by metal bars but hammering away at these causes them to rise, opening the lock.

Plunged balls are kicked straight to the upper playfield while there are two other entrances to the upper area (left kicker lane and right ramp).

The right ramp disappears into the back of the game and feeds balls onto the upper playfield.

A kicker into the pops, a ramp and a loop make a busy upper right corner of the game.

The final four drop targets are over on the right.

Multi-layer plastics are used on the slingshots.

A familiar skill shot for Lord of the Rings fans.

The centre LED displays show your hand as it builds while below, your progress through the Tour's venues is shown culminating in the WPT World Championship.

The LED displays show card values on the top line and card suits on the bottom.

And finally, here's the instruction card.

Many thanks to TheKorn and CPM for the pictures and game information. We should get a chance to play the game in a few days and we'll bring you more details of the rules and strategy then.



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