Story dated August 4, 2004

As we reported back at the start of July, the next pinball from Stern is to be Elvis and we brought you the first picture of the game.

Now, thanks to Jack Guarnieri at Pinball Sales, we have a fuller picture of the game.

Before we get too carried away, Stern tell us that this is only a mock-up of the game and pictures of the completed game should be ready next week or so.

It's not clear how the final version will vary from this picture, but we've blown the playfield up for you anyway.

According to Jack, the game has a transparent upper playfield, all metal ramps, 5 bank drop target, 4 flippers, a Heartbreak Hotel, a Hound Dog, a Jail House, and an Elvis that dances up and back along his stage as he sings 7 Elvis songs.  Yes, its actual recordings of Elvis singing.  In addition to actual Elvis singing, the pinball includes speech by an Elvis impersonator and 2 announcers.  One, Al Dvorin, was Elvis' tour manager and bandleader who said on tour with Elvis and says in the game, “Elvis has left the building.”

With all that music and speech, it is expected that Stern will use the full capabilities of their new sound board first seen in Lord of the Rings.

It is also confirmed that the cabinet, backglass and playfield are by LOTR combo of Jerry Vanderstelt and Kevin O'Connor as we previously suggested.

When the final pictures are released, you can be sure to see them here in Pinball News.


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