Pinball News already has an article concerning a cup holder. But, there are no pinball cup holders like the one available from Pinball Life.

Pinball Life sells a different cup holder; the PinGulp Beverage Caddy. In fact, Pinball Life itself, bills the PinGulp Beverage Caddy as - “The final solution for pinball machine beverage management!”. I am inclined to believe them.

“The final solution”

This beverage solution is available at Pinball Life at a price of $10.95 plus shipping.

“The final solution” on the left and something else on the right

The PinGulp solution can easily accommodate what the other cannot

The PinGulp Beverage Caddy has a sharp black look; which goes well with most any pinball machine. The holder is of sturdy construction. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and it is available for either the left or the right side of your pinball machine.

The Beverage Caddy can be “incorrectly” mounted to save space between games. As the other type of holder mounts the same way, either left and/or right, it cannot be placed with such versatility.

This is the “incorrect”, but quite useable mounting

The beverage holder may also be “correctly” mounted for best access to both your game and your beverage.

This is the “correct” mounting

Either way, left or right, the beverage holder was designed to have enough clearance to fit properly on just about any pinball machine.

This article was written using the original version of the cup holder. The version currently available at Pinball Life was produced without the superfluous backside retaining nuts; therefore it has the advantage of actually protecting your game in the unlikely event of extremely hard “bumps” to the holder..

We have clearance, Clarence

But either way, you must first remove one of the game’s legs; there is simply no way around it.

Not amputation… only a minor procedure

See the Pinball News article on the PinRen Wheelie-Bobber if you want to make one of these yourself to help level your games and/or install beverage holders. Of course, once you remove just one of the legs from you machine, you will have to make sure that the game is re-leveled before you play.  

The PinRen Wheelie-Bobber; used to raise the game off the ground

Once attached, due to its unique design, the holder can safely secure a broad variety of drink vessels.

The largest to the smallest common bottles

The only can I happen to have… from which to drink

Empty glasses and lastly, the proper use!
Just like human “mugs”; all sizes, shapes and colours

Only the largest of beverage vessels will not work well with the holder.

It’s too tight. That’s what she said!

But, the beverage caddy can do more than just hold your drink. It can be quite useful while repairing your game. Consider it as useful as a second pair of hands..

Parts and pinballs can be easily held and retrieved

Pinballs will nestle nicely in the bottom “cup”

But, a standard pinball may be pushed out of the slot

Even though there is a small hole at the bottom of the holder (to give leave to any collected condensation) the holder can secure even smaller pinball parts; such as common lamps and event the newer (and slightly smaller) LED bulbs.

The hole truth

Only the smallest (and largest) of pinball parts will not be held well.
But, even tiny pinball bulbs are no problem for “the final solution”

As close and handy as a holster
Come on… say it with me… wax on… wax off

Click the picture to see a short (10 second) video. The video shows that even though a flat bottomed beverage vessel can be stuck at a slight angle, the design of the PinGulp Beverage Caddy allows for self-righting.

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Shaken, but not stirred

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